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TMM V: Council of War

Molly Mae

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Anon & Molly certainly did a great job, thank you.

Thank you AV for the advice. I have learned a great deal from this game. Mistakes really are the best teacher and I appreciate your feedback. About your not being here at the end, I was not either. I changed my vote at 8am my time when I was rushed to get to work and would not be back until the day was over.

TCN, I think metagaming they are most concerned with is stalking-active metagaming.

Great game everyone.

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I just want to let everyone know that Anon hosted this game while I took a serious back seat.

With the exception of putting up the OP (which Anon wrote), giving the spy his N2 result, and answering a few questions, Anon did everything and he did it very well.

A very successful TMM, if I do say so (which I do because I just did).

But you did told me a few things..din ya..

The top secret way of winning Mafia everytime you play. And organizing the spreadsheet for it... Ok Maybe not everytime, but that was very good thing.

And yes you told me how to handle taking in actions and and giving results, and Organizing Host Spreadsheet.

So I learned some hell of stuff from MoMa.

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