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OK, So sorry for the delay, Everything was falling apart, when I went to post the post from a document I couldn't find it (Guess I forgot to save it). Then about ten minutes later my parents found me still awake and sent me to bed.


The staff at Hogwarts thought of an idea. If the dementor close to Harry for him to faint they would know who he was and expell him from Hogwarts. The question was who were the dementors? They got back to the interview for the crimes that were commited last night. Everyone except kaniac went to eavesdrop on the staff to see what they would be doing. So almost everyone wore a black coat and didn't talk at all trying to act like a dementor and be safe. Then came in kaniac. He didn't really have anything to give to them. He was quiet all the time and wasn't like the other kids who came in to be safe. They then thought of an idea. If they poisoned him, he will die and they will know who he is. Then they could bring him back to life with another potion to take away to poison. Kaniac was unwillingly but then decided it was for the better good. He drank the deadly concotion and died. They found out that kaniac was actually one of the dementors. They then put the potion into kaniac's mouth but was still dead. "Well that plan didn't work at ALL!!!!!" said the interviewers.

Dumbledore: Shadow7

McGonagall: TheCube

1. MiKi

3. Thalia

5. KlueMaster

7. Medji

8. kaniac

9. Anon26

10. yoDell

2. Zweefer

4. Nana7

6. Auramyna (Akriti)

8. Kaniac found to be a Dementor

11. curr3nt

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back to the confusion that I talked about earlier: baddies are among us who voted against kaniac (including me).

so, we need to locate the baddies among the 4 of us: Miki, Medji, KlueMaster and Anon.

I think it is time that Snape verifies Medji's claim. Also, there should be a way to clear one of me and Anon, or else to identify what MiKi is upto. It should not be difficult to identify baddies, now that the target group is small.

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Trelawny needs to start talking tomorrow, or we're going to lose the game. Ron locked Anon away, which is why Anon didn't vote or post, at least by my understanding, and also clears Anon from being a baddy. KlueMaster is way too experienced not to have noticed that, and so I think KM is Ron.

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does a block prevent a post/vote during the day?

EDIT: never mind the question, as Anon did post and vote; Medji is just trying to create confusion to save his dark soul...

Edited by KlueMaster
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I agree with 2 things, your being cleared from being a baddie (coz of the block), and that trelawny should speak.

What I do not agree with is that you didn't vote/post (as you did). Also, medji's claim hasn't been tested yet, and now when I proposed to test it, he just started accusing me.

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The thing is.

KM, Medji mentioned very early that he is giving hints..

Before Zweefer was lynched.

He would never do so,as a baddy, as he can be counterclaimed.

He hasnt been counter claimed, and we are sure that Pettigrew is still with us. (not lynched)

Tho his conduct with Nana, and his defence for Yodell are against him. I dont see a reason, why he shouldnt be the Pettigrew.

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... we are sure that Pettigrew is still with us...

That's where I do not agree. There is no way to be sure of this except one.

That's why I had mentioned that Snape should attempt killing medji, coz pettigrew cannot be NKed. Thus, if medji has lied and is a baddie then he will get NKed, deservingly so.

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Also, there should be a way to clear one of me and Anon, or else to identify what MiKi is upto.

I'm not "upto" anything. Like I said when I voted for kaniac, I was hoping to see some defense. I don't have anything solid on him, and I'm sure nobody else does, either, so I was trying to get something. I mean, something is better than nothing, right?

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What's wrong with me? :duh:

Thanks Anon, for bringing me back to my senses.

Yes, and then it must be Medji. 'coz had it been someone else, he could've counterclaimed without risking a NK from baddies.

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