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None of my hints refer to the movies or books, of which I know nothing. If you only think one is very obvious, I wonder if you misread it?

edit, oh, you refer to your own hints, not mine. Sorry.

edit, does it have to do with a riddle?

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Actually, the interaction between Zweefer and Akriti, specifically both of them jumping up and down to defend each other, is making me think that they're both bad, and that Yodell is actually being framed by one or both of them...it is true that I didn't look at the order of operations, and yes, Yodell is cleared of being Sirius simply because of the fact that his redirect actually did happen. So on that hand, I don't think Yodell is Sirius. On the other hand, Zweefer still has my panties in a bunch, and even more now, plus Akriti has her head out there on the chopping block even more firmly than before.

Yes, Aki can act in ways to draw suspicion to herself even when (especially when) she's good. Just forget everything she said as it was likely based on her gut feelings, not anything substantial. But I can't help noticing that you jumped to Yodell's defense and suspected Aki (me) and Zweefer. Zweefer was proven good, I'm good, Yodell appears bad. So how does that make you look?

Regarding Akriti, well I always suspect her in every game, and so I do not see anything different this time around either. Also, she may be replaced by Aura, and then we may have our usual tiffs :P

I know what you mean about Aki. Well, I am here to say that she is good. As I am taking over her role. I doubt we will have any tiffs; we're over that now. And you appear, at first glance to be on the same side as me, so unless one of us says smth totally illogical, I doubt we'll clash :D

ok, one thing is clear: akriti trust zweefer for some reason and is against medji. this is based on the recent search I made for "zweefer".

so either, akriti is trelawny who saw that zweefer is a goodie and medji is a baddie; or akriti is a baddie and thus referred to herself and zweefer as "we". though, I am always biased when it comes to her, so for now all I can conclude is akriti and zweefer are on the same side and medji is on the opposite side...

As far as I can see, from reading Aki's role thread, she (nor I) had no inside info on Zweefer, so it was either gut feeling or based on things in the thread or night post. If you look at Medji's post, quoted at the start of this post, with the assumption that Zweefer and I being good, it appears that he is bad and defending YoDell. That stuck out to me like a sore thumb, and you know what they say about backups coming in with a clearer picture of things as they're seeing it from the outside perspective...

I will read through the thread more comprehensively and get back to you all w/ my take on things later.

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I saw the clues, I will have to think about the answer. I was thinking of a spider but think that is not it.

Clever clever! I see it now but will not comment more, no point in outting you.

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Here are my thoughts.

I think Yodell and myself have solid defenses and I will vouch for Medji, who has left really obvious hints about who he is. So let's call this one group of 3.

Next, of the remainder who voted for Tweefer, there are Anon and Klue. I think Anon was a little suspicious trying to get Tweefer to self out as Trelawney, a super powerful goodie. I would not condemn on just that, but am wary. I have no solid read on Klue, probably good? He and Anon talk like they have understanding, but then again they always do that. Add Thalia just to have a group of 3 again, with Anon being slightly suspect, Klue maybe good, Thalia nothing known.

Then the last group of 3, that really interests me. They have been the quietest of everyone, especially Saturday after a nice goodie vs goodie vote was setup and left to run its course. All three wound up voting together. Miki, Akriti/Aura, Kaniac. That is classic baddie behavior, so classic it is almost wifom.

Are all 3 baddies necessarily in the same group? Maybe not. But baddies tend to vote together and I think our best chances lie with that third group.

Those are just my thoughts.

edit We have 2 spy acts, 1 trap, and 1 nk we can use, so let's figure out a good plan for n2 to maximize a goodie victory.

Edited by Nana7
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So Nana7,

you wrote some nice thing.

I wanted Zweefer to out his one unique role (by unique I mean "not dementor"). If he was a baddy, and claimed one role, the original possessor of that role would then sort of know he is the baddie. If he would be intelligent, he wont counter claim, but would put a vote on him. By noticing the vote pattern of all players, (that is how many times they have changed vote, and all) I thought it could be possible to not only know if Zweefer is a baddy, before the end of the day, but it would also allow me to findout the most powerful goodie role.

If he would be a goodie, he wont take the bait of treelawny..

Thats why I was forcing him..somehow.

This could be stupid, but I did what came in my mind.

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The thing is, he did not take that bait, or even really reply much except to discount it by not mentioning it. Yet he was still killed off. I do understand what you are saying, and that is why I am just wary of you and not outright accusing. All I want to do now is see some good strategy formulated. Hopefully the baddies will give themselves away or the goodies say enough we can devise a good plan.

And I am thinking all with actions need to take them so we know they are still around. Right now we do not even know for sure if Snape or Draco are still alive. Curr could have been either one. That means we need to be pretty confident about who we ask to be killed and who trapped. The spy can be used for those we suspect and want to keep an eye on.

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the thing I mentioned, it was partially to figure out the goody spy.

If Goody spy founds a baddy, the person will sort of drop hints to the identity of baddie.

And these hints would be easiar to find and be more confirmed, if we know who spy is.

So that was my one motive of the act.

What I want to say is that, spy needs to drop some sort of hint...

Also, spy would never naturally out himself and he shouldnt do it. Or goodies would be more prone to lose.

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I already said that I understand what you are saying. And it is getting late where I am. I had hoped for a busier night than it has been so far but it has been pretty quiet. I will be off for some sleep soon most likely.

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darn this is bad....

i thought i was done for... I was tired last night and fell asleep and couldnt post anymore.. and thought i was out for sure....

and sry zweefer but it was better if I was rather then you :((

and to think that if he left his vote on me there would have been a tie.. and D1 tie means NO LYNCH :((

his taking his vote off of me killed him - that's a bummer ....

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Nana7 and YoDell are giving off scum tells left right and centre. And that's excluding the fact that they were both blocked/trapped on N1. Believe me, I know the old baddie strategy of witholding the block. They don't usually withold the spy though... And it doesn't make any sense to say they don't need the spy as they know who the goodies are and they don't have a RID kill. Yeah they give the baddies a spy just for decoration... See, faulty logic like that makes me get even more suspicious than I was before.

Also, nana7 said both her and YoDell have given solid defences. Excuse me? There was nothing solid about either of your defenses. Maybe it is cos nana is new to mafia, but I have to assume she is bad. I've seen how quick she solves puzzles on this site and I don't believe this faulty logic she is exhibiting, not even for a second!

I hate to be draconian about it but we really should focus on lynching yodell or nana. They have had plenty of time to come up with a proper defence. I might not be getting your hints, nana, cos all I picked up was homonyms which equals Hermoine! And I doubt that was your hint :lol:

Klue and Anon don't seem to be acting baddie, but they could be pulling the wool over my eyes... Miki was talking a lot on N1 but has laid low since then. Medji's behaviour seems suspect to me but nana reckons he hinted. I don't know anything about Harry Potter so I don't get this "hand" hint :shrug:

The rest of you, I have no read on, and you guys should start participating more or you look suspicious for flying under the radar. Okay, I've said my piece, now please don't NK me! *begs on bended knee*

Oh, and Anon is the indy, mark my words. MARK IT!!! (jk, just our little joke between friends.). .....(but seriously Anon, mark it and heed it for good measure!)

I didn't see you MARK IT! anon...... I'm watching you.....

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A day long excursion, and I come home to read 3 most messed up pages I've read so far in mafia.

People who were looking good at one point, do not look so good right now. People who looked bad once, look even worse.

medji claims to have given 10 hints, nana claims to have seen it. somehow I'm not able to see them. this puts him together with nana in my books. I am not saying good or bad right now, but they both sure look suspicious to me.

kaniac is a sure baddie for me now. cannot comment on miki though, as she looks quite experienced and wouldn't lie low if she were a baddie. again wifom. thalia is away so no comments on her, and I think it might have been a mistake to trust thalia.

Aura is reasonable, but the trouble is that she has been reasonable in all games where she was a baddie, and fought with me whenever she was a goodie. though it is more like metagaming, besides I've reasons to place more % on her being goodie. Anon can be the indie (which doesn't necessarily mean bad), though I'm inclined to believe him right now.

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I think trading one spy act for two kills is a good trade. My logic is sound.

If Medji's hint were any more obvious it would jump up and bite you. His colors are true.

I see Aura is claiming a role and accept she is goodie unless countered.

Anon is outted.

For me, this still leaves Miki and Kaniac. I see that Klue also believes Karniac is bad. If others believe so as well, this is a good target tonight.

That leaves Miki and Thalia.

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@everybody I may be inactive kinda on and off again until Sunday, cuz there's something at home that I'm working on, so don't try and make anything out of it.

@aura Like I said before, I was busy with a project at home, so I didn't really have enough time to do more than catch up on the posts every now and then. Hopefully I'll have some more free time from now on.

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