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Harry Potter Year 3 Mafia


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Baddies: Wincon=majority, Group Night Kill, BTSC

Harry Potter--NK carrier (only for story)


Hermione--role spy

Goodies: Wincon=eliminate baddies

Dementors (x2)--vanilla

Pettigrew--immune to NK

Snape--night kill (role revealed)

Trelawney--follow spy x2 (selects 2, finds out who those 2 targetted)

Draco--trap, 25% faction spy on trapped target

Sir Cadogen--75% chance block

Indie: Wincon=target Harry, if success, removed from game. Alternate WinCon (if Harry dies)=Survive till the end.

Sirius Black--redirect, trapped if targets a Dementor

In both cases, target means the person being redirected, not the person redirected to.

11 players

trap >> NK >> block >> redirect >> spy (will know redirected, not to whom)


*Trap is full cycle (extends during the day, does not act like a save)

*NK is only blocked if it's on Pettigrew; Harry Potter is only shown as carrier for the story

*The person Sirius redirected will be informed of this via the night-post, but they will not know their new target.

*Redirects on trapped players fail.

*Redirects on people with no action show up as successful

*all same-level actions occur

*D1, tie=no lynch, else random

Dumbledore: Shadow7

McGonagall: TheCube

1. MiKi

2. Zweefer

3. Thalia

4. Nana7

5. KlueMaster

6. Akriti

7. Medji


9. Anon26

10. yoDell

11. curr3nt

N1 ends Thurday 10 PM EDT. Currently 12:36 PM EDT.

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let's not trust each other from the beginning of this game... as we've been on opposing sides in last couple of games... let the trust build up as situations dictate...

@MiKi, Zweefer, Nana7 & kaniac

my first game with you folks, so here is a little something for you...

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Well they are the safest targets until we see the first night. :)


Is curr3nt giving that away that easily? That would make MissKitten suspect too though wouldn't it? I would hate to think the baddies are going to make it quite that easy for us.

Edited by Nana7
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Within these halls of learning

I stood with thoughts occurring

For new players here

Oh hope not to fear

May we have mass role outing


No need to applause, just throw money.

yup, again no disincentive of outing the role... :P

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you are the expert when it comes to explaining WiFoM with example...

please do the honors... :D

-- EDIT --

ah! you already did... :)

@shadow: no edit rule?

Edited by KlueMaster
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I think Snape should sit quiet since we do not know anything yet and can not afford to lose even one extra goodie. Other than that, everybody go all out, I think, and hope for a lucky break.

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Hey Nana7 and Akriti. What should our night actions be?


Oops that was supposed to be in private.

Private? Like PM? Those are not allowed. What do you mean by private?

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