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Someone needs to take a mop to Thalia. She needs to mop the sweat up from under her chair. ^.^

Forget the mop. Get me a doctor! *passes out in shock and relief*

good game all...

Goodies got really lucky N1 blocking/trapping both me and Nana... but to my defense ;) I never lied in this game :

I said D1, just before zweefer changed his vote .. or earlier.. after the first vote on me, that I was a vanilla... (i never actually claimed dementor :D ) and INVITED Sirius to redirect me - calculating that with him/her out of the game then we would have one less oponent to win by majority :D .... harry was indeed a vanilla... there were 4 in the game : the 2 dementors, harry and pettygrew... with no active power ... just pasive ones ...

@one question to thalia : when you NKed me did you think I was Ron or Harry ? I would bet Ron, cause of the block N1 and Ron not acting...but acting N2 when I was not blocked/trapped....

PS. Last night I saw the last movie in the series... :D

I thought you were claiming dementor from something you said earlier. I didn't really let the blocks excuse someone from being Ron. I didn't really have an idea whether you were Ron or Harry. I thought you were claiming one of the dementors. Once I narrowed down the 2nd dementor to either Curr3nt or Aura, I decided to kill you. Trelawney's action during N2 really threw me off though, so I think I got a bit lucky there.

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@Yodell - what got in your way was getting blocked N1. Without that, I reckon you would have got away with your goodie act. I still didn't "know" you were bad. I almost trapped you, not to block a baddie action, but to find out if you were bad or good. So you must've said something to sway me into not being sure. Why didn't you believe me that I was Draco and didn't get a spy on nana? *cries* *no one ever believes me* *waaaaah* Aki didn't submit a suit of cards in time so had a 0% chance to spy N1 (no roll took place.)

At least my only action did some good (even if it was blind luck...)

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