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Three On A Match


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will try to have something soon if not beat out by someone else. kinda backed off as it seemed maybe I had already brought this back to the top of the list a few times. great to hear somehone has not forgotten. think it has potential to be a fun thread. I think the key though is to balance clues so they are not too obscure/meant to be solved but clever enough so when the connection is made there is some mutual satisfaction. thanks maurice.

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@PG: you are right, I really liked this one among other threads.

This is so hard. I google and did hell what not. But couldnt come up with something. I know I would feel real stupid if answer is revealed.

:( I don't think its too hard. nevermind google. Look at 1st and 3rd and hopefully the 2nd will make some sense.

edit - btw was Mountain your intention?

Edited by maurice
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wind, shoulder, ice - things that are associated with cold?

cream, scotch, club

@ maurice - hope you didnt think I was insinuating your clue was obscure. that was certainly not my intention. and after your explanation :duh:

cream, scotch, club - soda

fountain, wings, Raphael - ______

@pg, nope, no worries.

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