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You, Leslie Young, have just retrieved the ancient staff of the island known as Barrio del Sol, met up with Mike, the man whose private jet crashed into the island, and are now going to sleep. Last night you dreamed of a memory from your childhood, and tonight you have another…

You were seven years old, and had just played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" flawlessly. “How was that daddy?”

“It was the best thing I ever heard! You should be a professional piano player!”

“But I want to put the bad guys away like you do!”

“Okay, okay, but you might need to have a cover identity sometime.”

“What does that mean, a cover ‘idendiddy’?”

“A cover ‘identity’ is where you pretend to be someone else so you can get information to put the bad guys in jail.”

“Do you need a cover i-ten… i-dend… thingy?”

“Not now, but I have used one before, and I’ll probably have one another time. Now go get ready for dinner. We’re having pizza!”

“PIZZA!” Your dad, George Downs, always made the best pizza, better even than his Italian friends.

The phone rang, and George picked it up.

“It’s for you, ‘Princess’ Leslie. Don’t take too long or the pizza will be cold.” You took the phone.


“Hi Leslie! I got something for you!” Maggie, now your friend in the police, always called you when a classmate’s pet was missing, lost a necklace, or something else like that. This memory is of something bigger though. “Did you hear that Steven isn’t gonna be coming to school for a while?”

“Yeah, 'cause of that injury, right?”

“Well, I overheard my daddy saying, ‘The kidnapped child is in my daughter’s class.' Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I think that Steven is this kidnapped child.” You heard a door close on her end. “Okay, tomorrow is good, so I’ll clean my room now. Bye Leslie!” You realized something at that second. Your dad only made his pizza on special occasions, and there was nothing particularly special on that day.

“I LOVE this pizza, daddy!”

“Why thank you, Princess. I even remembered to put that special topping on for you.”

“… I heard that Steven was kidnapped.” George and your mom, Regina, froze up and put down their slices. “That’s why you made the pizza, isn’t it?”

Your mom put her hand on top of yours, and tried to comfort you. “We didn’t want to worry you, dear, but we want you to help, since you two are such good friends.”

“Okay. I’ll help. What do I need to do?”

Your dad put his hand over your free hand and looked into your eyes. “I need to know that you can handle the pressure of a real case before I let you help. I was surprised you actually told me you knew he was kidnapped. Maggie’s dad actually let her overhear about that, so she would tell you. That was step one, finding out about the kidnapping. Next is for you to find out where and when he was kidnapped. I already know, but you need to be able to find things out without my help. Tomorrow after school, I want you to start investigating.”


The next day was a Friday, and school went as normal. The next week was spring break, and it gave you plenty of time to work on the case. After school, you started your investigation.




Walkie-Talkie (Maggie has the other)


The teachers might know something, and you can check out his desk.

What first?

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Can we get an inventory of the stuff in the room? And have her be extremely cautious when she does her searching. And make sure she has some kind of self-defense thing with her at all times.

Although, no that I think about it..... Does anyody else find it suspicious that there are scissors in the room? And they're not very well hidden?

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Can we get an inventory of the stuff in the room? And have her be extremely cautious when she does her searching. And make sure she has some kind of self-defense thing with her at all times.

Although, no that I think about it..... Does anyody else find it suspicious that there are scissors in the room? And they're not very well hidden?

I think it's

1. For story purposes

2. Because her kidnapper thinks she's an idiot or wouldn't be able to get to them.

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Yea the scissors are a little suspicious :huh: orrrrrr that it is a storage room and the kidnappers didn't think about them :rolleyes:. But anyway we need an inventory.

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As Leslie freed herself, a thought came to her,

"A scissor? and that too in a room where I was kidnapped?" she questioned herself, "almost like if someone wanted me to escape"

But then again, the unobservant nature of the Shopowner could have got better of him. If she was still in the shop's store house

She gripped the scissor in her small hands, not much of self defence, but at least it was better then being bare handed.

She looked at the boxes stacked up roughly on one corner of the wall.

"Maybe the scissor were intended for them" it struck her.

She ignored the shelf for now and headed to the stacked up boxes. some opened, some half opened. some sealed.

There were smaller boxes as well, of various toys, littered around.

"Barbie doll" she bowed down to pick one package up, "Maybe I am still at the giftshop".

She opened one sealed big box with the scissors, and inside it were packages of various toys. A red coloured remote controlled car, a train set etc...

She suddenly had an urge to open another box. Maybe because of her age she was attracted to the toys, maybe it was her intuitive part that was yet to be fully awakened, or might be her detective instinct that would one day make her famous. Whatever it was, she opened it.

Inside were packages, but filled with a white powdered substance. Too young to know what drug are, she glanced around the room again. to see... what to do next, the importance of her latest discovery wasnt too oblivious to her...

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After opening the box, Leslie decided what to do next.

Her thoughts went again to her walkie talkie. The walkie Talkie she have thrown in the dustbin...

Leslie look backed at the Gift shop. her mind was now made.

She completed a circle around the shop. Viewing it from all the angles.

She cut a leaf from her notebook, scribbled something in her childish scrawl, looked at the paper, frowned, and tossed that paper to a nearby dustbin.

She knew what she had to do. The idea was outrageous but that was what only came to her mind.

to get kidnapped to find the kidnappers

She neared the window at the back wall of the shop. Too high to climb.

What does she do?

wrapped in the piece of paper with the message scribbled. It was a thing she have heard somewhere. She had kept the communication from the gadget open.

She had heard that a walkie talkie can be traced.

But now she was confused. Had she done something stupid ?

Would Maggie inform her Parents before the battery would run out ?

Was she even in the Giftshop?

She hurriedly walked towards the window, to look and have an idea. As she neared, she tripped from a nail portruding from the floor. Not hurt much due to her light frame, she got up and proceeded towards the window.

She was relieved to find out she was indeed in the Giftshop.

Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching to the door of her room. What does she do??

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She runs back to the rope and wraps herself up so she looks like she's tied but she's not.


She hides behind the boxes and jumps out and attacks whoever comes through the door. :lol:

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I say the nail is important. It may or may not be, but I'm starting to get a little paranoid as every little thing seems to mean something. But before you can investigate, I agree that you should pretend you're tied, but really aren't. And pretend to be aslepp while watching through your lashes, with the scissors hidden in your clothes or something. I think that if you can persuade the captor that you're still unconscious, they'll let something slip.

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As Leslie heard the footsteps, her mind raced for what to do next.

Feign herself being tied, and act as fainted.

The steps came nearer.

"No time to pick up the ropes" she thought, and she ran to her initial position.


She ran, and with final leap, jumped to the wall, and slumped to the ground.

The footsteps stopped at the door.

She put her hands and feet together, to impress the newcomer as she is tied. Looked at the door.

Clinking sound came from door, a key turned.

She closed the eyes as a tingle of fear clouded her heart...

She didnt opened her eyes until she was picked up by the man.

She opened her eyes a little. And kept her feet and hand together.

The man had proved his unobservant nature yet again, unable to notice no ropes around her hand or feet.

His mind was certainly somewhere else. He was muttering something.

As the man almost took her out of the room, Leslie heard something...



Her heart lifted, the cloud of fear dispersed.

It was only after a few steps when man was out of the room, did he actually heard it.

Stopped. Realised.

He then with a sudden Panic dropped Leslie to the ground (thinking that she was still under the effect of the choloroform, he administered), and ran to the main shop.

Leslie judged that the sirens were still somewhere away.

WHen Leslie entered through the backdoor,

there were two doors,

one went to the store room (where she found herself after being kidnapped)

the other to main shop.

Leslie is currently in the room that is when you enter throught the backdoor.

The man had gone to the main shop,

he may come in any moment.

But then there might be police somewhere near,

"maybe the walkie talkie?..." Leslie thought.

But it was no time for thinking.

What should she do??

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No, don't. Hmmm.... I'm gonna do some thinking aloud now, so there will probably be a lot of text.

Do we know what was in the back room? Where she was tied up, I mean. And before you get all sneaky on me and say you lost time thinking, [No offense. Like I said, I'm paranoid.] this isn't thinking. This is us getting an idea of what we already know. But he's in the main shop, right? And the sirens are some distance away. Can we guess about how far away? I say, if the sirens are close, go into the back room and investigate the nail. Maybe it leads to a trap door or something? If you're a detective's daughter, you should be able to tell. But if they're not, peek into the gift shop and see what the owner is doing. We'll decide from there, cuz after that there are a lot of "If ... then ..."s. :ph34r:

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or maybe she can try to take the nail out of the floor, and creep up on the man, and threaten him with it or something. Or she can wail or something, saw "my head hurts" really loud, and act as if she's just waking up. The guy might come running to her again, and maybe tell her to shut up, and bring her somewhere, with steven?

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She could wait for the police to come into the shop ( if they do), and then stumble into the room looking like she just woke up and say "why did you knock me out?" right in front of the officers.

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