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You, Leslie Young, have just retrieved the ancient staff of the island known as Barrio del Sol, met up with Mike, the man whose private jet crashed into the island, and are now going to sleep. Last night you dreamed of a memory from your childhood, and tonight you have another…

You were seven years old, and had just played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" flawlessly. “How was that daddy?”

“It was the best thing I ever heard! You should be a professional piano player!”

“But I want to put the bad guys away like you do!”

“Okay, okay, but you might need to have a cover identity sometime.”

“What does that mean, a cover ‘idendiddy’?”

“A cover ‘identity’ is where you pretend to be someone else so you can get information to put the bad guys in jail.”

“Do you need a cover i-ten… i-dend… thingy?”

“Not now, but I have used one before, and I’ll probably have one another time. Now go get ready for dinner. We’re having pizza!”

“PIZZA!” Your dad, George Downs, always made the best pizza, better even than his Italian friends.

The phone rang, and George picked it up.

“It’s for you, ‘Princess’ Leslie. Don’t take too long or the pizza will be cold.” You took the phone.


“Hi Leslie! I got something for you!” Maggie, now your friend in the police, always called you when a classmate’s pet was missing, lost a necklace, or something else like that. This memory is of something bigger though. “Did you hear that Steven isn’t gonna be coming to school for a while?”

“Yeah, 'cause of that injury, right?”

“Well, I overheard my daddy saying, ‘The kidnapped child is in my daughter’s class.' Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I think that Steven is this kidnapped child.” You heard a door close on her end. “Okay, tomorrow is good, so I’ll clean my room now. Bye Leslie!” You realized something at that second. Your dad only made his pizza on special occasions, and there was nothing particularly special on that day.

“I LOVE this pizza, daddy!”

“Why thank you, Princess. I even remembered to put that special topping on for you.”

“… I heard that Steven was kidnapped.” George and your mom, Regina, froze up and put down their slices. “That’s why you made the pizza, isn’t it?”

Your mom put her hand on top of yours, and tried to comfort you. “We didn’t want to worry you, dear, but we want you to help, since you two are such good friends.”

“Okay. I’ll help. What do I need to do?”

Your dad put his hand over your free hand and looked into your eyes. “I need to know that you can handle the pressure of a real case before I let you help. I was surprised you actually told me you knew he was kidnapped. Maggie’s dad actually let her overhear about that, so she would tell you. That was step one, finding out about the kidnapping. Next is for you to find out where and when he was kidnapped. I already know, but you need to be able to find things out without my help. Tomorrow after school, I want you to start investigating.”


The next day was a Friday, and school went as normal. The next week was spring break, and it gave you plenty of time to work on the case. After school, you started your investigation.




Walkie-Talkie (Maggie has the other)


The teachers might know something, and you can check out his desk.

What first?

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In a really cute little kid voice, you said, "Mr. A, why hasn't Steven been here? Did something happen to him?"

You saw him hesitate for a second before responding. "I only know that he isn't coming in for a while. If you really want to know, maybe you can ask the principal, Mrs. Lane."

You heard Maggie on your walkie-talkie and took it out. Mr. Antonucci, or as everyone liked to call him, Mr. A, left the room, saying he would be back in a few minutes. You turned the volume up and told her that you were there.

"Would you please come over later? I don't want my dad to know that I told you about me overhearing the stuff."

"My dad told me he meant for you to overhear it so I would find out. He wants me to try to find out more about the kidnapping."

"Wow! A real case! Can I help?"

"Ummmm, alright. I'll come over later so we can talk more about it without our dads listening in... right dad?"

"... Sorry Princess. I just want to know if you are planning anything that might be dangerous."

"I'll tell you about the dangerous things, but you don't need to know everything, do you?"

"No, I guess not. Sorry Princess." You turn down the volume and put it away.

At that point, Mr. A came back with Mrs. Lane.

"Hello, Leslie. I spoke with your father a little while ago, and he told me what I am allowed to tell you. However, he wants you to ask me questions before I give you any information. So what are your questions?"

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Yes and no. The dream is of a memory, not just some random dream.

At seven years old, Leslie had a cutesy voice and a serious voice, kinda like Conan/Shinichi in Detective Conan(Jap.)/Case Closed(Eng.).

In your cute little-kid voice, you said, "Mrs. Lane, what happened to Steven?"

She laughed before responding. "You don't have to be all cute with me. In fact, cute doesn't really work on me. But to answer your question, Steven was kidnapped at a certain time, and a certain place. Next question?"

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Sorry, I was very busy one week, then I got computer problems the second week. Everything’s good now, but I probably won’t be coming on BD as often or as long as I did before (until summer break).

“When did his parents notice him missing?”

“He didn’t go home on Friday night, or call from one of his friends’ houses.”

“What are his favorite places to visit?”

She looked at you confused. “Don’t you already know that?”

“Yeah, but I’m pretending that I only know what I’m told.”

“Okay then, he likes to play in the park on his way home, since he lives less than half a mile away, and his best friend lives two houses north from here.” [since they are in a small urban neighborhood (more like a compact sub-urban neighborhood), a lot of people in the school (Pre-K to 6) walk home.]

You went to the nurse’s office and asked for some gloves. After you got to Steven’s classroom, you searched his desk thoroughly. You found a small notebook hiding in the very back of his desk, something that you believed should be bagged and tagged in police headquarters.

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Inside the notebook, you found a note from your father saying that he had placed it back in the desk for you to find, and to bring it back to the station when you were done with it. Reading the last entry of the notebook, you saw a note Steven left as reminder to meet a man at the playground at three the day he had disappeared.

At the playground, you asked a few other kids if they had been at the playground with Steven on Friday. None of them had been there.

I probably won't be coming back here often, if at all. Truthfully, I have for some reason lost most interest in this site. I will hand over the Detective Young series to whomever answers the question I left on my page as I would.

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Leslie looked around at the playground.

The same playground, with a hot dog vendor with his stall at a corner. A gift shop, a little far off.

The main playground weared a deserted look,

"Parents have been reluctant to send their childern, and this yet gives another reason for me to find out Stevens kidnapper" thought Leslie.

She made her way to the main playground,

Suddenly her walkie talkie beeped.

"What is there Maggie?" Leslie questioned

"Well I just struck upon one thing and thought it might be of importance to you" Maggie replied.

"And whats that?" Leslie asked.

"It is that Steven's mom was gonna have her birthday next month" her voice came over.

Leslie looked up once again to the Gift shop. A thought came to her.

"Did you overheard this from you dad?" asked Leslie

"Nopes, I have other means as well, dont I?" Maggie boasted, which sent Leslie thinking what could it be?

not wanting to prolong the discussion, Leslie cut it short.

"I think I just put two and two together, I will call you back" replied Leslie in her childish serious voice.

"Hope it isnt 5. and bye" Maggie switched off.

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Then the idea sprung in Leslie's mind,

"The Gift shop" she thought, and raced towards it as fast as her small legs can carry her.

Though the gift shop was not far-off from the playground, it was the first time Leslie had gone their.

As she neared, she saw the gift shop, the glass display showcasing the various gifts, A large teddy bear sat near the corner of the display, there were dolls, cars, action figures, and you can name it.

Even to look was a feast for the eyes. As she looked at the glass display a tiny desire crept into her heart as her hands slid into her pocket, to check if she had any money. no money.

As she looked, a shadow fell on her.

She turned suddenly to find a towering figure of a man behind her, staring at her. The man piercing gaze un-nerved the young Leslie,

Suddenly the man broke into a smile and bent to Leslie's height, as he softly spoke.

"Need any help madam?"

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Ask about who was in the shop on the day that Steven disappeared and if Steven was in the shop and if he was what did he buy or what direction did he go when he left.

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