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  1. Four men sat down to play, They played all night till break of day. They played for gold and not for fun, With seperate scores for everyone. When they had come to square accounts, They all had made quite fair amounts. Can you the paradox explain, If no one lost, how all could gain?
  2. Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change.
  3. I'm as large as a castle yet as light as air, and 100 men and their horses cannot move me.
  4. Yep thats what I was thinking about I'm not sure how many legs that has
  5. A hundred feet in the air, but its back is on the ground. What is it?
  6. I didn't think about your first answer, but your second one is the one i was looking for
  7. Which word doesn't fit: Wind Sing Read Tear Lead
  8. What is black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you're all through with it?
  9. deannadream

    I thought they were called Wuzzles
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