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You, Leslie Young, have just retrieved the ancient staff of the island known as Barrio del Sol, met up with Mike, the man whose private jet crashed into the island, and are now going to sleep. Last night you dreamed of a memory from your childhood, and tonight you have another…

You were seven years old, and had just played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" flawlessly. “How was that daddy?”

“It was the best thing I ever heard! You should be a professional piano player!”

“But I want to put the bad guys away like you do!”

“Okay, okay, but you might need to have a cover identity sometime.”

“What does that mean, a cover ‘idendiddy’?”

“A cover ‘identity’ is where you pretend to be someone else so you can get information to put the bad guys in jail.”

“Do you need a cover i-ten… i-dend… thingy?”

“Not now, but I have used one before, and I’ll probably have one another time. Now go get ready for dinner. We’re having pizza!”

“PIZZA!” Your dad, George Downs, always made the best pizza, better even than his Italian friends.

The phone rang, and George picked it up.

“It’s for you, ‘Princess’ Leslie. Don’t take too long or the pizza will be cold.” You took the phone.


“Hi Leslie! I got something for you!” Maggie, now your friend in the police, always called you when a classmate’s pet was missing, lost a necklace, or something else like that. This memory is of something bigger though. “Did you hear that Steven isn’t gonna be coming to school for a while?”

“Yeah, 'cause of that injury, right?”

“Well, I overheard my daddy saying, ‘The kidnapped child is in my daughter’s class.' Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I think that Steven is this kidnapped child.” You heard a door close on her end. “Okay, tomorrow is good, so I’ll clean my room now. Bye Leslie!” You realized something at that second. Your dad only made his pizza on special occasions, and there was nothing particularly special on that day.

“I LOVE this pizza, daddy!”

“Why thank you, Princess. I even remembered to put that special topping on for you.”

“… I heard that Steven was kidnapped.” George and your mom, Regina, froze up and put down their slices. “That’s why you made the pizza, isn’t it?”

Your mom put her hand on top of yours, and tried to comfort you. “We didn’t want to worry you, dear, but we want you to help, since you two are such good friends.”

“Okay. I’ll help. What do I need to do?”

Your dad put his hand over your free hand and looked into your eyes. “I need to know that you can handle the pressure of a real case before I let you help. I was surprised you actually told me you knew he was kidnapped. Maggie’s dad actually let her overhear about that, so she would tell you. That was step one, finding out about the kidnapping. Next is for you to find out where and when he was kidnapped. I already know, but you need to be able to find things out without my help. Tomorrow after school, I want you to start investigating.”


The next day was a Friday, and school went as normal. The next week was spring break, and it gave you plenty of time to work on the case. After school, you started your investigation.




Walkie-Talkie (Maggie has the other)


The teachers might know something, and you can check out his desk.

What first?

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Leslie thought she rather have a look on the man's doing in the main shop.

She got up, and went to the door and peeked.

The man was rummaging through the one of his cabinet very quickly, throwing backwards glances towards the shop's main door as he rummaged.

The wailing of the sirens increased.

He rummaged more and then took out a rusty crowbar.

As he examined it, Leslie saw a keychain in his other hand.

What should she do next?

She knew she had seen what she should.

The bar... what was he gonna do with it?...kill me?

the fear once again clouded Leslie's young mind.

The wailing of Siren increased....they were coming nearer

She turned away from the door,

to see what she can do.

She might just play dead again..

Or just might run..

to the room?

or outside by the backdoor?

She was puzzled... but she gotta act.

Maybe back into that room,

Maybe outside

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Run outside to the bin where the walkie talkie is but do it quietly so the shopkeeper doesn't notice. Hopefully you will run into a policeman's arms on the other side of the door...

If there's no police and the walkie talkie is dead, check for any signs the walkie talkie has been traced or the message retrieved, then go back inside and investigate again.

Or hang on, go meet your friend cos she wanted to meet you to tell you something where your dads wouldn't hear.

This could all be a setup just to give you practice solving a crime.

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Yeah, get to the walkie-talkie. Although, I think that even if this is just practice, they want you to act like it's a real crime, so don't investigate yet. If you do, I think you'll "fail" the test, cuz otherwise you'll never be able to act in a real crime, cuz you won't have experience, cuz you'll have labored under the delusion that everything was safe and planned. So don't keep the mentality that it's just practice, cuz who knows? Maybe it isn't. [if that makes sense to anyone... :wacko: ]

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As Leslie backed from the door, Her mind was made.

To go and fetch that Walkie Talkie.

She went for the Backdoor, and as she reached the door, a large figure came in.

The figure looked at her for a moment.. then shouted..

"The girl is here."

"Really," a shout came from a little faraway followed by sounds of running feet. As another man reached the door.

Police. it struck to Leslie.

The man in the main giftshop then came out.

Leslie stood between the police at the backdoor, and the man on the door to the main giftshop..

"What ya doin on my property ?" the man snarled.

"Its the Police" one of the policeman replied.

"What ya doin on my property" the man repeated.

"What ya doing with this girl?" the same policeman shot back..

The Giftshop man was taken a back, and looked at Leslie.

It was time for Leslie to speak up..

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"This man kidnapped me" cried Lesilie in between.

"You Leslie ?" asked one of the Policeman.

"Yes" replied Leslie, "Leslie Young"

"I never did" shouted the giftshop man. "This is a shop, any one can come into it."

"Even in the Backroom?" the policeman questioned.

The Giftshop man was taken a back. He suddenly said,

"You have a search warrant? A arrest warrant? hah! Off my property, Taking witness of a minor for a public felony? You can't! "

Now the policemen began to look a bi uneasy. The giftshop man was right. They just cam here by tracing a walkie talkie, and they might rescue the girl. But a criminal will go free, and probably the poor boy Steven as well..

Leslie's mind was too thinking.

"The man used the word "search warrant". It seems to do something with searching... Why did the man said it? Was he scared of police, founding something? "

Leslie began to think of things she had encountered in the Giftshop.

She have to think fast and say now....or a criminal might escape justice....and with him.....Steven might be lost too..

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Discreetly take the officer to the side and ask him to stall the owner while she peeked around in the back, especially the nail. Maybe get the cop to ask for backup to bring a search warrant while Leslie investigates? And give us a weapon, like a pair of scissors or something. I don't like going in unarmed.

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The nail, maybe? Hmmm, maybe you should walk towards the cop, saying that you had to tell him something, and act like your foot suddenly got hurt. When the cop asks how, say it was from stepping on a loose nail in the back room, and see the owner's reaction? Or maybe it's the boxes, or the shelves. Can you repost that one scene, where she looks for the scissors, please?

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Young Leslie hopped, crawled, and did whatever she could to reach to the Shelf tied.

There were various stuff in various shelves.

As she rummaged through them, her hand felt something metallic. She unearthed the thing buried under the mere knick knacks by her tied hands, and behold!

"A scissor!" Leslie cried out in her cute voice, "too good to be true" she completed.

and without wasting a moment, busied herself in cutting the bonds of ropes.

It wasnt easy still, to cut the ropes with tied hand, but she did it.

Now free of the ropes, she looked around.

The bunny keychain, a key evidence to take care of.

There can also be something among the cardboard boxes and other stuff.

There can also be much more 'usefuller' things in the shelf.

And there might be something beyond the door as well.

What does she do?

Here's the post regarding scissor..

And again repeating:

That the thing is very obvious. You people might just have forgotten about it in the time being..

Edited by Anon26
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First, I like this story. You wouldn't happen to be a proffesional writer, would you Anon26? lol

Second, Leslie's dad is a cop, who occasionally deals with drugs, so she must at least have heard ABOUT drugs. Right?

Third, there are certain times when a warrant isn't needed...

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