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i post a word, and you have to change a letter to make a new word. you can also add or subtract a letter...try not to repeat!! (you can use proper nouns too!)



get it?
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I apologize for an interruptive post to the current foray.

I started perusing this Game to see if it would be one I might join. As a chain I began noticing breaks in it as players tried to be funny or had a problem with a word added to the chain. I guess for my own entertainment I began listing the breaks in the chain.

"" is not a word (post #14), though there are words that describe the absence of a word, for example -- silence. Nonetheless, "" was a break in the chain. And instead of proceding with the proposed successor "an" (post #15), I was surprised that peace*out accepted "" and continued the broken link with I (post #17).

A second break in the chain may have occurred when Shivam submitted a chain of eight words in a single post (post #52), but perhaps only one word, the first word in the list, was accepted, in which case the chain had not truly been broken by the dismissal of the other seven words, though shortly later Wombatbreath adds two words to the chain is successive posts (posts #35 and #36). Of course, if the first post was dismissed, the irregularity disappears.

Yet, another break in the chain did occur when a word that is commonly recognized as an acronym was dismissed (post #109). Nato has a meaning other than the acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The word nato is also the common name for a timber often referred to as Eastern Mahogany, obtained from two species of tree native to lowland rainforests in northern South America, southern Central America and the southern Caribbean islands - Mora excelsa and Mora gonggrijpii. In addition, Nato, as a proper noun, is a chosen pseudonym for a Canadian-born DJ/producer and a member of the rap duo The Representatives.

New Sheoth is a fictional name of a city in the Elder Scrolls video game, thus Sheoth (post #140) may have been wrongfully dismissed as a proper noun, but, in my opinion, it was rightfully dismissed.

Again a break in the chain occurred with the dismissals of lidar (post #168), ludar (post #169), lodar (post #171) and LADAR (post #173). The first word and last two words do have acronymic etymologies (lidar = light detection and ranging; lodar = loran + radar; and LADAR = laser detection and ranging). The first two should still have been accepted, just as are laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), radar (radio detection and ranging),and sonar (sound naavigation and ranging), though it is understandable that LADAR (used almost exclusively in military contexts) would not. Being technical terms, lidar and lodar are not often addressed in the abridged lexicons, though this exclusion is not reason enough alone to exclude them. The proper noun, Ludar is a common shortening of Ludari, one of the Romani ethnic groups. In addition, ludar is Irish slang for "a mad person" and can be found as a slang word for "to be drunk" or "to hit someone (especially with one's fist)". Thus, the uncommon word, ludar, should also have been acceptable within the chain.

I was surprised at the acceptance of Perian (Post #191), a name given to an open source Quicktime component. As a proper name, I understand its acceptance, but in my opinion brand names, other than those that have entered into our language due to common usage (such as teflon, nylon, styrofoam, plexiglass and kleenex), should not be acceptable. If (as in my opinion) unacceptable, Perian is another broken link in the chain.

The word malk (Post #312), a coined word that was used in an episode of the animated comedy, The Simpsons, is another word of questionable acceptance. Unlike jabberwocky, the coined word malk has not yet been adopted into the English language. And, though in time it may be, it is another word I would have dismissed. Regretfully, it was not. Still, in my opinion, it is another broken link in the chain.

After page 32 I jumped to the end to see where the chain would end, then working backwards I discovered that the chain has had several breaks including the rules governing the chain. At what point this game lost its way remains unknown to me. Due to the state the game is presently in, it has unfortunately lost me as a prospective participant.

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Just like when plainglazed blamed aaryan for making a completely different word rather than the previous, when it was I who made a really stupid post of which influenced aaryan with his word.

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Guess that NUT job is on the RUN.

Just like when plainglazed blamed aaryan for making a completely different word rather than the previous, when it was I who made a really stupid post of which influenced aaryan with his word.

I dont remember this and am pretty certain that was not me. Can you find it? I couldn't. Aaryan, do you remember? Really curious.

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I think the rules kinda evolved. At some point (curr3nt maybe?) changed one letter, added a letter, or dropped a letter as per the OP but made two words as a result. For some time there had been some back and forth between two and one word answers while keeping within the rules of either changing, dropping or adding a letter to the previous word(s). I had pushed it to three words by adding K to LACTATE making LACK and TATE and dropping R from BRAN making BAN as LACTATE BRAN seemed to be a dead end. Hope it gets back to two words shortly.

She came BACK and ATE AN awfully old egg salad sandwich.

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Think it's to CHEAT DEATH?

Yeah, I know it's not an exact follow-on, but this seems to have run it's course. Looking back on the thread, it was quite fun(ny), so this is an attempt to give itanother go.

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