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_ E_ _S

in aegis -- abyss eliminates the 'a' for aegis

in folic -- fairs eliminate the 'f' and cools elimiates the 'o' and 'c' is obviously not it so it must be 'l' or 'i' not both

in relic -- not 'c' and therefore it's 'l' or 'i' still and 'r' or 'e'

in delis -- it is the 's' and the 'l' or 'i' still and 'd' or 'e'

in aegis -- it's not the 'a' therefore its the 'e' and 'g' or 'i' and the 's'


Note: I can't do one of these because I'm not online throughout the day so if I'm right I'm not going to pick a word to start(unless I say I'm going to)(or if it is a requirement then I'll stop guessing)

I tried eliminating the 'i' but I couldn't because the 'g' I guess is still a possibility

edit ... spacing

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Well make sure you count that as a guess. By the way, wenis? what the...

anyway, fourth letter is I - folic - (1); not f from fairs (1) which is the s; not o from cools (1) which is the s; and not c because s is the last letter so one of l or i is correct. aegis - (3); not a from abyss (1) which is the last s; and the e and s are already established so one of g or i is correct. the only way to have one of l or i and one of g or i is if the i is correct.

cant think of any qualifying possibilities, yet...

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from falls (1) we know that F is not the first letter, L is not the third or forth letter

and cools (1) tells us O is not the second and third letter as well.


Folic (1) mean the 4th letter is I, because F is not first letter, O is not second letter, L is not third letter and last letter is C.

_ E _ I S

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_ E _ I S

faith - (0)

bless - (1)

glass - (1)

fails - (1)

fairs - (1)

abyss - (1) 

cools - (1)

delis - (3)

relic - (2)

folic - (1)

aegis - (3)

semis - (3)

lexis - (3) 

falls - (1)

eerie - (2)

denis - (3)

nevis - (3)

hopes - (1)

yetis - (3)

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