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APPLE = 1. Not the A from Auras, not the second p from tapes, not the L from tails. This leaves _ P _ _E.

SPITE = 2, not the i because of tails. SP_TE

WRITE = 3, not the i because of tails, so WR_TE

We need 2 letters from SP_TE and 3 from WR_TE. There is no way to have 3 letters frm WR_TE and not have a letter overlap with SP_TE. So either the t and/or the e is correct.

There is no way for the S and the P (together) to be correct in SP_TE because then we cannot get three correct letters from WR_TE. So, it's the S or P, or neither. If neither, the last letter is e for sure. If s, the last letter is still e for sure (eliminating the P from _ P _ _ E). If it's P, then the other letter must be T because because we cannot have P and E together (hence, only one from _ P _ _ E).

So, our possible combinations are ST, SE, and PT.

Now we much look at WR_TE. Our possible combinations are WRT, WRE, WTE, and RTE.

Anything with a leading S cannot match up with a leading W because they are in the same place.

So, our possibilities are: WRT+PT, WRE+PT, WTE+PT, RTE+ST, RTE+SE

R's and P's also cannot go together because they occupy the same place. So, now we have:

WTE+PT and RTE + SE, written out, in order, they are WP_TE and SR_TE

WP_TE is not possible because P and E cannot be together, leaving:


However, this is also not possible because that has 3 letters from SPITE. Which is why we must use the RTE by itself, because everything else has been logically eliminated.



(Lmao... I really hope I did that right. If I left out anything, it will screw everything up.. :unsure: )

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:D Haha, not gonna lie, I was pretty sure I messed up in there somewhere. w00t.

Izzy + 30

Glyc + 11

Izzy - 334

Unreality - 279

Glycereine – 199

Framm - 177

t8t8t8 - 163

Plainglazed - 154

golfjunkie - 72

Dawh - 71

woon - 63

blahblah99 - 28

yuiop - 21

Abhisk - 20

PVRoot - 20

Prince Marth - 15

DudleyDude - 15

Vineetrika - 49

JarZe - 20


_ _ _ _ _

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