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scape isn't a word. Also I think I have to not allow the pre-logic or it could get pretty out of hand :(

The counter argument is that you know that a specific word will guarantee you a solution to one of the letters, but until the word is suggested, you can't prove it. So now you have to submit the word and wait for it to be scored. Then you have to post your solution before anyone else picks up on the logic that you used to suggest the word in the first place. Sometimes, someone else steps in to take the credit while you're away. I've definitely fallen victim to that a few times. :(

Of course, I don't know which camp I'm in since that can lead to an abuse of the system, but right now, you can facilitate the success of another player by guessing. Which can lead to a disincentive to guess certain words, as you'd rather be the shark waiting for someone else to post the word that breaks something open so that you can jump in and take the credit for the logical proof that they probably had in mind when they posted it.

I'm curious how it would get out of hand. I admittedly haven't thought about it much, so there could be some legitimate argument against it, but disjunctives (ORs) are perfectly valid logical statements. It doesn't really seem like it's going to go against the nature of the game in my mind, though I agree that it isn't standard.

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scape - a long leafless flower stalk coming directly from a root

Yes, when I doubt a word, I used to use dictionary.com to check it, but lately I just go to Google and type: define: scape and that shows a bunch of definitions if it is in fact a word. :thumbsup:

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interesting, in wesbter's (actual book version) it's not listed as a word (scapegoat is though).







As for the pre-logic I suppose as long as it's ONE word that will define it, it's ok... I would have had a quite a few more points by now though if we'd been going with that all along and I suspect the same for some others, that's the reason I was reluctant to let it go. I don't want to unbalance a game we're well into.

+5 Izzy

_ _ O _ _

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