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Short and Sweet



A simple little contrivance

One might describe me thus

When taking sides I've two

The objects not to fuss

On the one hand hold me close

I'll help you face the fact

On the other nothing's perfect

No worries, just redact

Be careful how you do it

No one should realize

But regardless how you use me

I'm too small for my size

Edited by plainglazed
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the human brain/conscience or the eye ball?

hey slyalys - good guesses but not it.

rose-colored glasses?

A nice way to look at it, tres chic, but no.

left hemisphere/right hemisphere of brain? differing points of view?

hey again chic - not it again, sorry.

a handkerchief or napkin

hey t_l - not those.

contact lens Arrgh, just saw Dudley's!

ahoy there matey - thought Dudley was referring to a camera lens with the redact clue fit but possibly slightly overstretched with the last clue. like yours better with the last clue but still not it. wish I could figure out how to say more but fear it would only mislead.

Spreadsheet cell?

hey Wilson - excelent answer but alas, no.

a diary

hello robotron. Welcome to the Den! Your answer makes a lot of sense but not the one I have in mind. Please keep at it.

Fear I may have made this one more vague by trying to extend the double meaning of contrivance which noone has really fallen for. Will say this is indeed a tangible object smaller than a breadbox. I have faith it's still very gettable and will hold off with the rewrite/earlier version.

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hey Shakee - the last line could be important but not that.

hey chicory - is that one of those new fangled thingies with the knobs you hold upside down and shake to start over? not it either way.

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