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  1. Panther


    Dare I guess... AGAIN
  2. Panther


    Grr, I could be here all night MINES
  3. Panther


    Aww Can I guess again straight away? If so, make it STEAM
  4. Panther

    Lord of Combat

    Hehe... Bwahahahaha!
  5. Panther

    Lord of Combat

    I meant to ask, you said you can openly strategise on the thread - can you PM others to discuss things in private?
  6. OMG I NEVER KNEW YOU WROTE FANFICTION! Some very nice stories I have to say. Do you only write yaoi though?
  7. Panther


    In honour of the the den being back up - BRAIN?
  8. Panther

    One Up Me

    When I last checked, I have been getting much more sleep recently due to a lack of Brainden awesomeness. Bring on the sleeplessness once again (Poorly worded, I know, but I had to stick something like that in there )
  9. Panther

    Lord of Combat

    I like this one ^
  10. Panther

    Lord of Combat

    Fair enough, we don't want it getting too complicated lol I'm excited for this game
  11. Panther

    Lord of Combat

    Alright, i'm in 1. Aaryan 2. Flamebirde 3. gvg 4. Panther 5. A quick question - If a person attacks someone else and hurts them, then another person arrives and finishes them off, does the first person recieve anything at all for 'helping'?
  12. So... after jumping around for half an hour when I found out that the den was back, I have decided to write an wee intro. I know I had one, but it was never saved and it was probably rubbish XD So, for those of you don't know me, I'm Panther, the most awesome puzzle solving (badly ), mafia loving, anime viewing, fanfiction reading, general game lurking, innuendo tossing, badass dude in the den Ok, now really, I'm sure anyone who actually knows me would dispute the last part, and possibly insert 'slightly insane' instead, but DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU! ... The voices are telling me I should be saying something about now... what was it? Oh yeah, GUYS ITS GOOD TO BE FREAKIN' BACK! I'm so happy we're back on the net, and I'll see you guys around the den P.S I love smileys, BWAHAHAHAHA! XD
  13. OMG IT'S BACK!! :D

  14. OOC: Yeah, sound does travel in water - sound is vibrations and all that... I could give you a physics lesson but I don't think you really want to see me rambling on for 4 pages, so i'll skip that The fact that humans can't communicate in water is probably something to do with the fact that we can't breathe down there... Loki dances merrily behind Flame, attempting to distract the huge creature as well.
  15. Loki looked around at the others. "Uh..." he said intelligently.
  16. Loki follows Flame, also worried about MiKi.
  17. OOC: Sorry people, was busy with the start of school, catching up with friends etc. then of course Brainden was down so... yeah. Excited about the battle though Loki grinned in anticipation, thinking of monster slaying and awesome battles.
  18. "Let's go then!" shouted Loki loudly, leading the way to impending do... I mean, the perfectly safe habitat of a monster that was definitely not likely to fancy snacking on an adventurer or two. Meh, who am I kidding
  19. "What do you guys think?" Loki asked of the others. "Personally, I wanna see the monster... but I'll leave the sensible decisions up to you guys."
  20. *Insert between here - and here - "Loki, your honour."
  21. Awesome! Lets Try Some New Words
  22. I'm gonna go for Chicago Blitz - After all they are both in Chicago, and it's the only one I can remember without looking back and I'm lazy
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