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  1. Loki gestured in front of him. "Lead the way, Miki." OOC: Sorry I left you hanging a little there I suddenly got a load of visitors all at the once
  2. "Great!" exclaimed Loki. "Let's go..." he trailed off. "Erm... do you know the way?"
  3. Loki jumps up. "Let's go then!" He quickly explains to Cara that they had to leave and - after telling her that yes, they would come back some time - rounds up the others, reminding them of their quest to 'save the kingdom'. "So, where do you guys want to go to next?" he asks. OOC: For reference - Dolphin, Eel, Hippo, Mermaid, Manta Ray, Crab, Jelly Fish, and Whale
  4. OOC: It wouldn't confuse anyone... It's just not quite right, cause as MissKitten said, It's not us it's our characters.
  5. "How could we pass up such a celebration," Loki answered. "Of course we'll stay ... though we will have to be on our way tomorrow morning." OOC: I decided we didn't really have much else to do, so why not? Hope you guys don't mind.
  6. Loki was instantly awake. 'A celebration?' he thought. 'Sounds good, but you can never be too wary,' he mused. Loki stood and stretched, ready to confront a new day and whatever surprises it may bring.
  7. "Thanks a lot Miki," Loki sighs. "We're all just so tired. I take it you know what to do?"
  8. "So, anyone up for the journey?" asks Loki. "I'll go if no-one volunteers." OOC: Hint hint Miki Didn't want to ask her, but if she volunteers then...
  9. OOC: OK folks, we're at the hippos just now - Loki is about to tell them of our plan and then we'll visit the dolphins to act it out. Loki quickly outlines what they have discovered to the Hippo general, telling him what the crystals actually do and their plan to rid them of the need to use them, thus giving the dolphins nothing to fight over and hopefully averting this whole war. After listening intently, the general laughs. (Am I allowed to assume his reaction?) "Only such a band of travelers could shed light on a problem which has been steadily growing for years. Go then, to the dolphins, and see if you can halt this sure-to-be-devastating war before it begins." "With all due haste, sir!" Loki replies. "Guys, you coming? We have a war to stop!" OOC: Just remembered that we're shattered Think we have enough strength to go back and then explain to the dolphins what needs to be done, or can we afford to rest? It depends on whether the dolphins will wait when they see the hippos are not attacking - giving us time to rest - or whether they will simply attack anyway. Phillip, can you shed some light onto the situation? And does anyone else have any opinions or ideas?
  10. OOC: Psst, Miki! I read this - So I don't really know where the hell we are... XD Phillip said one thing, Framm said another and I just took a guess.
  11. Loki takes over the story. "General, using these books we have discovered something which may stop the war, and get your dolphins the crystals they need. It tells us..." and he describes what he found. "In short, if there is some way to either reduce the pollution you are creating or simply divert it in a different direction, then there is a solution to this whole problem. The hippos get their food without the need of the crystals, and you get the extra crystals they would've used." Loki stops, realising that he is rambling on a little, and waits for the dolphins' leader's reply.
  12. "Perhaps we could visit the dolphins and see if they can do anything about it. After all, it's in their best interests; they'll get more crystals and they won't need to go to war. But we should hurry; our effort will be for nothing if the dolphins and the hippos go to war anyway."
  13. "Aha!" Loki announced. "I may have found something! It says in this book that what the crystals do is release an energy that destroys a certain bacteria, found all around here, that prevents the hippos' food from growing. They must use it as a kind of pesticide to allow their food to grow." He reads on a little before stopping at another section. "It also says here that this particular bacteria is almost always caused from industrial pollution. Hmm..." Loki adopted a thinking pose for a moment, his friends watching in silence as they waited for him to continue. "Maybe...The pollution causing the bacteria probably comes from the dolphins' machines...so maybe we could convince them to use them less? Or maybe just control the flow of pollution so that it doesn't come near the hippos, as I doubt it will affect any other group this much. Then the hippos would be able to grow their crops without the crystals, the dolphins could have more of them and everyone would be happy. That might even put a stop to the war! What do you guys think?" OOC: Yeah I know it's a little long but whad'ya think?
  14. OOC: Lol, we completely forgot the objective Loki looked up. "Guys, we're trying to find how to grow crops without these crystals," he supplied in answer to Miki's question. OOC: Have we to announce if we find anything? Or do you tell us Phillip?
  15. OOC: Eh... oops lol Loki looks at his empty hands. 'Funny,' he thought to himself. 'I could've sworn I was holding a book.' He shook his head to clear it, and decides to try 'Natural Pesticides'. Finding a corner of the room, he sits himself down and gets reading. OOC: Anyone get a sense of deja vu there? lol
  16. Loki decides to try 'How to grow food' first. Finding a corner of the room, he sits himself down and gets reading.
  17. His suspicions confirmed, Loki grinned as he entered the fray, dispensing tail whips and fin slices with gusto and laying into the clueless enemies who thought it would be a good idea to attack his friends. He wrestled off (as best a seal can) a few who had latched onto Flame, allowing the giant shark to get his bearings from the (somewhat) surprise attack. OOC: Didn't want to go too far, how easy are these guys? I.e kick-their-a**-in-one-move or epic-boss-level-kind-of-guys?
  18. Loki calmly stared down the pack of spiders, waiting for a response as to whether they were friend or foe.
  19. "So," said Loki as he slowly drifted nearer his friends, "Can we help you with anything or should we just skip straight to the a**-kicking?" Edit - OOC: ^^ I seem to have triggered a censor. Oops
  20. Loki's mind whirls through a dozen possibilities ranging from Silverfish to Chuck Norris, but none are very likely. "It's alright, Miki," he consoles her. "We'll be absolutely fine."
  21. "Ssh!" Loki hissed. "Did anyone else hear that?"
  22. Loki whistled as he finally caught up with the group and saw the huge library in front of them. "Impressive place," he said, struggling to see all of the details at once. "You guys coming in, or what?" OOC: Sorry guys I've been really busy with prelims (exams) all this week and I've been camping all weekend. Should be back on from now on
  23. OOC: oops :L Loki glanced down/up/behind himself/wherever at MiKi and couldn't help but chuckle to himself at her playfulness. "If you want to play, you'll have to catch me first," he told her. Then he twisted free of her slight grip and started to flee.
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