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  1. "I say we check the library, see if we can find anything of use" suggested Loki.
  2. Loki pauses from collecting shells for a second or two, glaning over at MiKi and grinning a little, before returning to the task. OOC: Sorry guys I was kinda waiting for you all to move the story along couldn't really think of anything for Loki to do
  3. Loki looked at Miki. "Of course," he grinned. "Don't worry." OOC:Aww thank you And that is Loki character - and mine too somewhat - exactly
  4. OOC: good idea, do you want to wait for the others to explain it?
  5. "How about the route that avoids them lots" Loki suggested.
  6. Loki walks over and slaps her (lightly). "That should do it," he grinned.
  7. "Hmm," Loki mused. "I'm not so sure. I think we should carry on, but be wary."
  8. "S'fine with me" Loki chimed in.
  9. Loki grinned. "Hell yeah!" He agreed loudly. OOC: Hey Framm, how does the octopus talk? Just curious. : D
  10. "Relax, Miki," Loki soothed, "It's friendly." OOC: Yeah i'm curious about Shad and Molly too lol : D
  11. "S'pose I could give it a go," Loki replied. "But first we need to catch the fish and gather them together." He swims off to do just that. OOC: LAWL! "Hmm. Now you mention it, it is rather odd." Loki mused. "Perhaps something in our brains (with the weird headgear)?"
  12. OOC: Nice! Lol Can you imagine it... A starfish tank??
  13. OOC:Sorry, Bjarkán is the rune of vision, revelation and dream. One of it's uses is to find certain things easier - like people. (I might use random norse runes/terms throughout, just ask if you're curious as to what any mean) And Loki can use fire, but you'll need to tell him in-game if you know what I mean "Think i'll join you there Shad," thought Loki OOC: BTW, in case you haven't yet noticed, Loki's method of communication in seal form is by projecting his thoughts. However, to avoid confusion i'll use " marks for thought-projection and ' marks if Loki is thinking to himself. Edit - Oh yeah, I think the hippocampus (Whoever that is) can breathe fire too. Ask them if you want.
  14. OOC: Bit of a rubbish starfish then, aren't you Loki spun round in the water to look over to where the... speech bubble?... was. "I ain't picking up no starfish," he thought to Molly. "Get Shad or MiKi to do it."
  15. OOC:Oops, eh knew that :L Loki quickly realises, however, that the friends he sought we right next to him. '?' He thought. 'Wonder how I missed that? Ah well...' OOC: Lol
  16. Loki relaxed as he felt himself changing into the familiar form of a seal. He grinned - well, as best as a seal could (Which really wasn't all that well) Kaen glowed comfortably on his stomach, completing the transformation. Loki did a few backwards somersaults, checking that all of his muscles were in order, before surfacing and looking for the others. 'Hmm,' he thought. I never did find a way to use runes while in my seal form. (OOC: He's been a seal in the past : D) I'm going to have to figure that out sometime soon. I have a feeling i'll need to.' Sorely missing the help of Bjarkán, he swam off in search of his merry band of travelers.
  17. OOC: Too tired to post Loki's next section, do that tomorow - but I have to reply to this No! The word would be experimentally Ps. I don't know if the colours are not working on my iPod or if something went wrong :s If it's not grey, don't blame me
  18. OOC: Lookin' good so far Just need the scene and we're set.
  19. Loki stared at the odd-looking headpieces. He picked one up; tested the weight of it in his hand, shrugged and slipped it over his head where it fit snugly. Loki's fingers twitched with excitement. With kaen glowing in anticipation on his arm, he entered the gam... no, wait, the loading screen. Loki scowled in recognition. "Windows," he grumbled under his breath. Fortunately, the computer didn't hear him. OOC: Eh, oops : ( Sorry Shad, should've checked.
  20. "Hell yeah!" Loki replied, startling Shad a little. He glanced at Shad, correctly interpreting what he was about to say. "Yeah, might've mentioned that it may be a little dangerous," grinned Loki. "But I like dangerous." Something seemed to glow on his arm, but before Shad had time to even think about it, the whatever-it-was he thought he saw was gone. Shad started to open his mouth, but suddenly changed his mind and looked away. "Besides," Loki continued, "I don't like the look of those thugs heading towards us. We should get a move on before they get here - they won't harm us while we're in - I mean, playing the game - They won't want to cause a scene around on of the Arcade's games." "What do you mean?" Shad asked suspiciously, looking around. "There's no-one else here." "There will be in about half a minute. And unless you want to deal with them, I suggest you get a move on." Shad still looked wary. "You have to trust me!" hissed Loki. OOC: Hope you don't mind me borrowing your pen for a minute, Shadow - I kinda had to to fit that in. Miki, Shad, when you're ready to enter...
  21. Loki scowls. "Whatever keeps your simple mind happy." OOC: I can't really go and find anyone till they get here XD Edit - Bed now, be on tomorrow.
  22. OOC:kk Loki turns to look at Molly. "I am not a janitor. Why don't you ask the maintenance man outside if he's seen anyone else interested?" OOC:And hopefully about now the rest of the gang appear...
  23. "A friend" Loki replies. "One who is willing to help you in your "Quest". And who is rather looking forward to it himself. *sighs* "It's been so long..." He noticies Shad looking oddly at him. "Wha..." Loki starts to ask, before realising exactly where he is staring. "Damn it!" he exclaims. Loki quickly snaps his fingers and the large and awkward looking hat was gone, almost as if it had never been there in the first place - which it hadn't, really. Before Shad can ask him about that too, he swiftly changes the subject: "Oh, and I wouldn't enter the game yet if I were you." he directs at Molly. "I have heard that it is rather tough - you'll probably need all the help you can get." OOC:Large stupid hat? Really? And where on earth did you get the janitor thing? And are we allowed to actually curse in the forums?
  24. "From what I can gather, four or more people are needed to actually start the game." Shad and Molly jump as Loki enters the room behind them. "World Quest will simply not start if the required number of players are not present and willing to take part" OOC: I've left it open to you guys if you want to decide if you know me already or not. You know, whether you say something like "Who are you" said Shad suspiciously. or "Loki!' Molly cried. 'I've not seen you in ages!' or whatever.
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