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  1. Panther

    Warrior Cats Mafia

    Host: BlaBlah 1) Hirkala - Dead. Killed by Darkstripe 2) Araver - Dead. Killed by Scourge 3) Darth Legion - voting for BONE AKA BENJER3 4) peace 5) benjer - voting for Darth Legion 6) Segul 7) Vineetrika 8) maurice - voting for Vinetreeka 9) LJ - voted for peace 10) MissKitten 11) curr3nt - voting for curr3nt 12) Panther - voting for Darth Legion 13) Glycereine - voting for curr3nt 14) golfjunkie 15) Hallie15dancer Voting for Darth Legion because he started all this Bone stuff Edit: btw i'm only on just now cause i'm 5/6 hours ahead of most of u. I was sleeping during all the action
  2. Panther

    Warrior Cats Mafia

    Lol just thinking aloud
  3. Panther

    Warrior Cats Mafia

    Claiming baddie? Or just playing safe so we don't know what to think of you yet?
  4. Panther

    Warrior Cats Mafia

    Can't wait for the first night to be over already
  5. Panther

    Host BlaBlah 1) Hirkala 2) Araver 3) Darth Legion 4) peace 5) benjer 6) Segul 7) Vineetrika 8) maurice 9) LJ 10) MissKitten 11) curr3nt 12) Panther 13) 14) 15) Hallie15dancer Backups 1) EDM 2) 3) First Mafia for a while so I might be a bit rusty lol Sounds fun
  6. Panther


    NUDGE, if 0 then F_ _ _ _ as FUDGE is 1, if 2 then N _ _ _ _ by same reasoning
  7. Panther


    Suckers! Can't believe no one has spotted this yet: TIGER got 1 point. It can't have been for the T because the first letter is R It can't have been for the G because ROGUE has a G in the same place and only got 1 point which must have been for the R It can't have been for the E because RUNES has an E in the same place and only got 1 point, again for the R It can't have been for the R because LABOR has an R in the same place and got no points Therefore, the second letter is 'i'
  8. Panther

    Errr... nvm, just realised this was started over a year ago lol Hope it's on again
  9. Panther

    Hey, sounds like fun Only, i don't have much programming knowledge so I think unreality will have to program this one lol I'm planning my program now so expect it within a day
  10. AGAIN! lol :D

    I'm hoping to stay back this time!!! :D

  11. Hello Panther Hasn't Been Active For Ages And Would Like to Come Back to Brainden
  12. Panther

    Ye Olde Mafia 2

    Right guys, i seem to be back in the game! I can only play till monday tho, so i dont no if PM wants me 2 play now and give him time 2 get a sub or what. just 2 let u know. ill PM him my night action as normal, and if he gets someone else right away then they can change it. Id really like 2 play so if u guys want me i will stay on till monday (im going away for 4 days btw)
  13. Panther

    Ye Olde Mafia 2

    sorry guys... I forgot... Have fun playing.
  14. Hey Peace!

    Not seen ya for a while, i've been busy

  15. 1. GMaster479 2. scsw 3. tpaxatb 4. DudleyDude 5. SG 6. riranor 7. crazypainter 8. JarZe 9. Derrai 10.MrsP 11.Panther 12. 13. 14. 15. Been a while since I was on, looks like a good game for me to start with.
  16. Hi Peace!

    I was busy

  17. Panther

    Star Wars Mafia

    Sorry for being inactive, I forgot! I just got a dog and it's hard to remember to play star wars mafia when most of my time is spent with the dog! Sorry! As for my vote, i'll simply vote for the one other person that has lots of votes so that I might not be voted off. Simple. ;D 1. DMS - voting for impervious 2. Prince Marth 3. Silverheart - voting for Panther 4. SomeGuy 5. Star Tiger - voting for Panther 6. Peace - voting for Twin_Bro 7. Izzy 8. Skywalker - voting for Silverheart 9. Kat - voting for Twin_Bro 10. Limeliam - voting for Izzy 11. Twin_Bro - voting for Panther 12. A. Person - voting for Neptune 13. Riranor - voting for Panther 14. Neptune - voting for Twin_Bro 15. Andromeda - voting for Prince Marth 16. Twin Pop - voting for Panther 17. Panther - voting for Twin_Bro 18. Impervious - Voting for Kat
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