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  1. You spied me as Johnson? I thought you were just saying that to sway the vote so I ignored it. I'm really not Johnson. I could have been framed. This sucks. Hopefully you get on andromeda to back me up here... If you give me a chance to prove myself I will arrest Bb tonight as has been asked. I have given you everything. I have no more defense. Edit: I see andro did get on. And I accept what you said. Only I would argue that it is better for as many innocents to stay alive for as long as possible, especially with us being in the precarious position that we are. I hadn't thought of th
  2. I actually can't believe it has turned out this way.
  3. Time for some honesty I guess. To begin I am not the Oracle, neither am I Cypher or an Agent. The fact that you all could consider me being an Agent is a bit mad , the way this has gone. To begin the explanation here's my full RD: Apoc - Kidnaps using the Nebuchadnezzar, player spends 1N out of game Secret: Even Days picks player. Dice roll: 1 or 2 = Role; 3 or 4 = Faction; 5 or 6 = Other. So simply put I picked Izzy today on Day 2, and I rolled a 5: Izzy is not a Freed Human. I think that this is where my error occurred. Some things made me believe she was part of the Rogue Programs s
  4. I have made a mistake, Izzy is not who I said she was. I am removing my vote. I have no idea who to vote for now. Itachi I'm not sure of. People seem to have me pegged as an Agent. How could I be an Agent? If I was I wouldn't made the claim I did. Scenario A) I know Izzy is Baddie X and out her. Why would I do that as an Agent? Like I have already pointed out, at this stage Agents would want to keep other baddies in play, especially b/c of how they haven't been too successful with their Group Kill. Scenario B) I'm an Agent and Izzy isn't Baddie X. I come out and say she is Baddie X. She ge
  5. To the italicised part: You misunderstood me I know itachi is a guy! I was talking about Izzy at that stage. But I have concrete evidence she's not an innocent. I'll go out on a limb, even though I didn't want to do this but...: She's the Merovingian. Please don't waste this info. I may not live much longer, so don't let it be wasted. For those of you voting for Itachi... you have nothing on him. I do on Izzy. Lynch her and see. Please.
  6. Well in my absense it looks like Cypher has struck. If I interpret the situation correctly. It seems his allegiance is alot clearer in this game than the last, where there was some doubt surrounding it. I think it's worrying times for the innocents . Please let's not screw up this lynch. Secondly though, some people were voting for me and there were things going round that I could maybe a Rogue or something sacrificing someone else. Like I said I can't exactly prove to you that Izzy is who I say, but I would be going out on an unneccessary limb if she wasn't. Lynch her and see. As for me b
  7. It takes me a long time to post. Oh and I think I can deduct what faction Izzy's from, only I'm not willing to say just now if that's alright with everyone.
  8. Guys if you want to certainly lynch a baddie then choose Izzy. This is 100%. I don't know an exact role but I know she's not a Freed Human or a Useable Program. With luck she could be the Architect, Smith or our dear Merovingian. But the only thing I can say for sure is that she isn't a freed human. You might be unsure about trusting me but I'm sure on this info. I know it can't have been tampered with, but I won't explain how. Vote for Izzy and you'll see us lynch a baddie. 1 - andromeda - voting for grey cells 2 - Voltage - voting for Riranor 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 -
  9. Also just b/c one person vouches for another doesn't mean everyone should automatically accept it. Seeing as you can't be Apoc I would like to hear one more person vouch for him.
  10. *mutters about simultaneous posting*
  11. Ok well this is based on my own reasoning rather than andro's, his posts are definitely conspicuous. 1 - andromeda - voting for grey cells 2 - Voltage - voting for Riranor 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T 5 - IDoNotExist 6 - Joe's Student - voting for grey cells 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Itachi 9 - Renan - voting for Brandonb 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Impervious 13 - Impervious - voting for Votage 14 - A.I. - voting for Impervious 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymond voting for Voltage 17 - SG - voting for
  12. There was a chance I could have replaced him, instead I replaced TB, so I'm guessing he's totally inactive.
  13. Well I've been a long time reading, trying to make sure I've read through everything properly. I had never apreciated the difficulty in joining in midway through a game. One thought I have is that GC's posts (especially his earlier ones) are coming from a baddie/indie perspective. GC I hope we aren't on the same team for obvious reasons , but in all seriousness I have a feeling we're not. Twin Bro, I have found out, due to his inactivity, was pretty wasteful with his ability, so for the minute, I can't help much. That is subject to change though. PT's defense of IDNE was a bit strange,
  14. Hi, yeah I'm replacing Twin Bro, I'll be back after school to catch up .
  15. Joe's Student

    I don't think so, I think I'm just on standby .
  16. Joe's Student

    Just saying that I'm available as a back-up again. I'll be keeping an eye on the game anyway.
  17. Just saw this. There's no way I can play I'm afraid. This is my only free slot for the next 3 or 4 days. Sorry about any confusion.
  18. Joe's Student

    Sorry guys, I have to pass, no time . Hopefully you have no trouble getting a replacement.
  19. Em, sorry guys it's been a pretty hectic past few days, and it doesn't seem like I'll be getting a break anytime soon. I just PM'd Itachi there, hope I didn't mess up a vote with my absense. I know my Role Ability wasn't that powerful but it's always best to have more around to discuss things. Edit: I see SG you're only replacing me now. Sorry you have been without my vote for so long, I thought I would have been replaced before this.
  20. Joe's Student

    Supernatural II

    I think TP was voting for Zerep to tie things up, hoping no one would be lynched. Change your votes y'all. Zerep needs to go. Host: Impervious 1. Randro (RD) (DEAD) (Killed by Quake) 2. Twin Pop (TP) - voting for Zerep 3. Someguy (SG) - voting for Zerep 4. Lost in space (LIS) - voting for Twin Pop 5. Zerep (ZP) voting for SG 6. star_tiger (ST) (DEAD) (Mimic) (Ultimate Axe of Hostiness to the head) 7. Kathleen (Kat) - voting for Twin Pop 8. Joe's Student (JS) - voting for Zerep 9. crazypainter (CP) (DEAD)(Killed by Mastermind) 10. IDoNotExist (IDNE) 11. Social Darwin (SD) 12. Pr
  21. I have to follow the leaders. 1) SomeGuy [Monster] - voting for Kat 2) Impervious [Olympian] - voting for Kat 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC - voting for JS 5) Prof. T - voting for Kat 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat - voting for GC 8) Bb - voting for GC 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST - voting for GC 11) Artificial I - voting for Prof.T 12) Riranor - voting for GC 13) JS - - voting for Kat 14) Randro 15) twin bro - voting for Kat 16) IDNE-- voting for JS 17) crazypainter voting for Prof.T
  22. Well this is turning out to be dissapointing beyond belief <_< . Monsters, any chance? 1) SomeGuy [Monster] - voting for Kat 2) Impervious [Olympian] - voting for Kat 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC - voting for JS 5) Prof. T 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat - voting for GC 8) Bb 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST - voting for GC 11) Artificial I - voting for Prof.T 12) Riranor - voting for GC 13) JS - - voting for JS 14) Randro 15) twin bro - voting for Kat 16) IDNE-voting for Artificial I 17) crazypainter voting for Prof.T
  23. Sorry guys have school, will be another while before I'm on... Hades: 1: medusa will attack gc 2: medusa will not do anything 3. diomedes will attack GC Cerberus: Attack: Move: Siren: Target: Move: Minotaur: Protect: Move: Theseus: Attack: Move Charon: Deny: Move: Persephone: Save: Argus: Move: 2 spaces to Fire Cave
  24. Joe's Student

    Supernatural II

    And do you realise you shouldn't post things like that at night time?
  25. Oh and this came from Itachi: Cerberus got this message from Hermes: "LIS is an Achaean. Now is your chance to kill him, for he is likely in Tartarus. From your friend, Hermes. " Which is why he was killed. Plus dawh was killed.
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