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  1. Sorry, thought Limey's vote was yours. BUt at least it would be clear who the Hooligans are that are trying to muck this up. Prof. T is a prime example.
  2. I think we've found ourselves a Hooligan. I'm vouching that he can't be the Vandal, which is the basis of you're whole argument. Surely an attempted tie with Abhisk where we could expose a possibility for the Rich Kid is better than lynching Mekal, ey Prof. Vandalton?
  3. underground_dan, I see you reading... there's still time left to change your vote. Edit: And you PT.
  4. And I'm telling you all that he can't be the Vandal. RPG, if you agreed then please change your vote. To spell out what I'm saying : We have a tied vote with no player having more than 3 votes, then if the Rich Kid is voting for a tied player that player will be lynched, thus meaning we have exposed the Rich Kid down to three players. If the Rich Kid isn't voting for a tied player then we'll know immediately who the Rich Kid is b/c the person he votes for will be lynched, even though there will only be one vote on the roster. May I add that it's in the interest of the Hooligans to not follow through with a tied vote. If you're voting for Mekal please participate and create a tie. Would you prefer to expose the Rich Kid or lynch someone who can't be the Vandal? Ideally, we should have spread the vote vote out completely, with everyone voting for just the one person, but I wasn't on early enough to propose that and give enough time for people to follow along.
  5. Au contraire, a tie is ideal today. Especially a tie with those tied having a maximum of 3 votes. Let's try and expose the Rich Kid shall we? Would someone voting for Mekal switch their vote to Peace please? That way we would have 3 players tied at 3 votes each. If the Rich Kid votes, this guarantees to narrow him down to within at least 3 players. If he doesn't vote then it will also be narrowed down. School Administrators: Gmaster479 and scsw 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk - voting for Amberrock 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan - voting for Abhisk 5. Limey - voting for Marth 6. RPGBully - voting for Mekal 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal 9. Phaze - voting for Abhisk 10. Amberrock 11. Blue of thout 12. Reaymanator (suspended by 'The Snitch') 13. andromeda - voting for peace 14. Social Darwin - voting for Mekal 15. Marth 16. Prof. Templeton - voting for Mekal 17. Magic_luver101 - voting for Mekal 18. JS - voting for Abhisk 19. GC - voting for Mekal Edit: Missed Magic_luver's vote. PLease change back to peace Magic.
  6. Question: What happens to the Queen Bees if there are less than 8 males left? As ever not much to go on etc. except for the Mekal situation. If I'm honest though, it would dissapoint me to find out that he was a Hooligan. He could still be a Queen Bee, but I'm fairly sure that he's not the Vandal. Also I disagree with the line of thought that because he was blocked and because the Vandal didn't make an appearance, that there's a good chance Mekal is the grafiti artiste. The Vandal, unlike the Bodyguard role, is only a messaging role without a blocking action, so there isn't the same neccessity to act at night. Also, did we establish what andro's paragraph involved?
  7. Do you mean today? Or tomorrow?
  8. If no one minds? Host: GMaster479 Co-Host: scsw 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan 5. Limey 6. RPGBully 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal 9. Phaze 10. Amberrock 11. Blue of thout 12. Reaymanator 13. andromeda 14. Social Darwin 15. Marth 16. Prof. Templeton 17.Magic_luver101(Magic) 18. JS 19. Replacements: 1.RainThinker
  9. I replied in your spolier .
  10. Ok well for the first premise I think it's a type of WIFOM situation:
  11. Yeah so they each take a step together? ok thanks.
  12. Could you clarify the bit in red for me please? If A takes 100 paces k=100. Seeing as the distance between them is 200, is there not still 100 paces between them? Therefore meaning the two men are not right next to each other? Or do both A & B each take a step at the same time? Thanks.
  13. As for the second question, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking? Are you asking why a visiting missionary's statement causes the wives to act, and why they didn't before? Are you looking for a logical answer or is it more a general thought type question?
  14. An attempt, I think I'm probably overlooking something though.
  15. Hmm... this is oddly familiar. I wonder what gave you this idea.... .
  16. Joe's Student

    The only problem is if you have a ticket for a big music festival this summer, you may be dissapointed, as the media's constant string of scare stories are apparently scaring the bands, and they're considering not attending...
  17. I thought it seemed appropriate for this thread: http://xkcd.com/154/
  18. Joe's Student

    Yeah you're right everyone within the EU can move freely around it. And I agree with you CookieMonster, they do no harm. In fact immigration stimulates nations, and is neccessary if you want your country to prosper.
  19. Sorry to intrude, but I came across this post and I felt the urge to respond to it. Although I'm not a fan of organised religion, all of human conflict cannot be attributed to it. Humans will always wage war, it's in our nature, and maybe religion has been used to verify support, but without the religion in those cases, another justification would have been used.
  20. Well from your suggestions I looked at Perl as a start, so I'm going through the basics of it now. It has nothing to do with trying to get a job in programming, it's just something I have been interested in for a while now but didn't know where to start. Also b/c I hope to do physics in university, I have an idea I'll need at least some background info on it. So hopefully through this I'll manage to "get into the mindset of a programmer" and go from there. Thanks alot everyone for your help .
  21. To programmers on BD: The thing is that I'm interested in learning some form of computer programming, but unfortunately I have never had any hands-on exposure to it i.e I don't know where to start. Bearing in mind that I don't have any experience of programming and that I'm unsure of what I would even like to program, I was wondering could anyone here on BD point me towards a good website for learning the basics and whatever background knowledge is necessary to begin? What language would any programmer here suggest to start off with? As I've said I'm not even sure of the kind of things I would like to program, so I have an open mind. Preferably something basic, a good platform from which I can bring the background skills and concepts to go on to more complex languages. Thanks .
  22. Joe's Student

    And face masks are ineffective anyway .
  23. I was about to go to bed Bb...
  24. Joe's Student

    I picked you up wrong, sorry. But I'm not for those 'fundamental inequalities' either, but it has appeared, IMO, a few times that individuals were ridiculed etc in a few of these threads. That's why I posted.
  25. Joe's Student

    That's what I meant by "Don't take this out of context". I DO NOT AGREE WITH PERSECUTION BASED ON RELIGION OR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS . Just to be clear. I don't see why you disagree with what I said? I'm clearly stating that I believe the type of discrimination outlined by you is wrong.
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