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  1. I believe we have different interpretations of the mechanics of this problem. This wasn't my understanding. I assumed that the first Ctrl+V replaces the three typed A's since they're still selected, much like everyday word-processing software. In otherwords: - Ctrl+A selects - Ctrl+C copies - The three A's are still selected - Ctrl+V replaces the selected A's with pasted ones. That was the basis for my work, though your interpretation may well be correct. Maybe BMAD could clarify exactly how the process works? Edit: From BMAD's examples it looks to be the case that the typed A's are indee
  2. Also excuse the messiness again, working on it whilst I'm writing is never a good idea! Btw, is there a neat way of indicating the less-than-or-equal symbol?
  3. Woke up this morning and came here to post exactly this! Beat me to it! I'll work some more on it
  4. A quick solution. Bear in mind it's 4am here and this is my first post on BD in years, so forgive the terrible formatting! [spoiler=Not sure about an actual code, but it'll look something like this.]For N<8 it's just writing A N-times. When N>7 there are two cases: If N odd then S = { A*([N-1]/2), Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V*([N-1]/2)-1 } And if N even then S = { A*(N-2)/2, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V*(N-2)/2 } For any N>7 we look at N-2 to account for the Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C. The 'final' buttons pressed will always be Ctrl+V and so what we'll have is:
  5. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    Things seemed to have cleared themselves up very nicely I knew there was something going on between Framm and GJ but where I should have seen innocence in it, instead I was suspicious of it. Night 2 is going to be tricky. An obvious vote in DN. I considered leaving mine where it is, but in case of a baddie bandwagon and China's influence it's best if I change it. Could someone do it for me because I'm on my iPhone where I can't manipulate colours and use quotes.. sorry.
  6. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    I don't see why you would want to point this out... if Sweden didn't realise this before, they do now.
  7. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    I missed this. Don't think I would have voted for Segul had I seen this, not sure, but it's sitting there at the minute, I'll leave it for the time being.
  8. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    Speak up Segul Hooded Figure: Araver 1. Blahblah - Voting for Framm 2. DarthNoob 3. Hirkala - Voting for Blablah 4. EDM - Killed by Secret Alliance 5. JS - voting for Segul 6. Framm - Voting for DN 7. Petrus 8. Segul - Voting for Petrus 9. maurice - IMPRISONED by Australia until N2 10. firno - Voting for DN 11. golfjunkie - Voting for DN
  9. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    A quick question araver: 1) Can Australia imprison themselves? And now to my vote... It appears as if there's a toss-up between two players, whether to believe one or the other. I agree with Framm in that what you said GJ maybe wasn't the wisest thing, for your own sake . There's also an apparent coherence between Framm and GJ, or not, can't tell yet. DN, it doesn't look good for you. In your favour you haven't gone and said what GJ did, unfortunately for you though he's made a bold claim that it's hard to look beyond. If I didn't feel there was something funny that I can't figure
  10. Joe's Student

    UN Mafia

    Finally at my laptop! Had to negotiate metres of snow and then my firewall gave some trouble . Anyway hello, don't think I've played with too many people here before, looking forward to it.
  11. If nobody minds Hooded Figure: Araver 1. Blahblah 2. DarthNoob 3. Hirkala 4. EDM 5. JS 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Special backup (replacement for assassinated player) 12. slick Other backups. 1. Molly (After the new year) 2. 3.
  12. I've been waiting all my BrainDen-life on this thread <3 yet it appears during the one month I leave . I've spent hours reading it all. Took the quiz, (was US-centric for me but still interesting), and no real surprises to anyone who knows my stand on things. You are a far-left moderate social libertarian. Left: 8.68 Libertarian: 2.88 Foreign Policy: -8.72 Culture: -6.37 On healthcare; I think it's a basic right of every human being, regardless of creed, colour or social standing. I find it strange how governments and countries can justify running the health of people as a ma
  13. I'm in. Hosts: Unreality & Frost 1) Filly 2) Golfjunkie 3) Framm 4) Molly Mae 5) Blablah 6) Izzy 7) yuiop 8) MissKitten 9) JarZe (unconfirmed) 10) Klose 11) JS etc... Backup: 1) LJ
  14. Thanks unreality (once again) for a great game. I'd love to play another. There were two stand out things for me in this game: 1) that as someone else I think mentioned, there wasn't a time frame for each hour. Even a hazy one would have suited me better maybe. 2) And this is more to do with me, but I guess I didn't fully grasp the nature of game right away. It took me a while to realise that there was no fixed way to play it, that it wasn't so much a case of Ask someone what did at this time? and where were you at that time? etc. The mechanics weren't clear to me, and I was slow to cat
  15. Joe's Student

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to respectfully disagree here . I have a completely different view of the British Media. Yes compared to most American outlets they infinitely better, but the reason I have both such distrust and dislike of the British Media is that, in my eyes, it has this veil of respectability, appearing to be reasonable and catering to both sides. Yet the majority of the mainstream media (bar maybe the Guardian in the print media and Channel4 news for television - though they are by no means perfect) is neither reasonable nor caters to both sides. They are right-wing outlet
  16. [Reno Starkey] (Dockhand) Don't know about y'all, but I ain't no rich guy, I ain't no artiste - I ain't any of them fancy things. I work 60 hours a week, I have a wife and kids who rely on my paycheck and there ain't gonna be no food on their table if I can't get home. Hell I'm up here longer than a dry season in the desert as it is, I'd wanna be gettin' home even if there was no Mrs. Starkey and no little Starkeys. So to me all this funny business is just in the way of that, and I wan' it cleared up as soon as it can be. I can help, so if anyone be interested in what some people be callin'
  17. Joe's Student

    I think WikiLeaks is great, for most of the reasons already mentioned. I read the helicopter story on the Guardian when it came out, the video really is horrifying. The truth about a similar incident, Bloody Sunday, to do with an army, this time British, murdering unarmed civilians in Derry, Ireland, was made official where I live recently. It was a momentous day, as although the events unfolded 38 years ago, since then media-led propaganda painted those murdered as gun-waving terrorists, and the murderers as brave soldiers backed against a wall. A £200m ($400m) enquiry, The Saville Report, fi
  18. Fancied Hex4Dash9 myself, wasn't quick enough either dawh yuiop-Detective A - angry, insistent, by-the-book, impatient, wants answers DudleyDude-Detective B - chill, laid-back, stoned out of his or her mind, but has interesting insight Joe's Student - Reno Starkey (Dockhand) - practical, rough around the edges, just getting dough for the wife and kids back on Earth Human Servant - careful, precise, very professional and always snaps to attention of Rombridge; rises in the ranks to be personal manservant to such an important guy Mr McCudgeon - victorian royalty, distant cousin o
  19. First BD post in a while Host: Unreality 1) filly678 2) GMaster479 3) dawh 4) DudleyDude 5) Izzy 6) Framm 18 7) yuiop 8) Glycereine 9) LJayden 10) Abhisk 11) JS
  20. Well for a start I could only be one baddie because of what happened Night 1, but I'm not him. In otherwords I'm can't be a Prisoners. I have no proof about my role, other than I have been rather effective during this game... Host: Mekal Co-host: Brandonb Ship Manifest: 1) Kat - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: Room Cleaner 2) Akaslickster-voting for JS 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey voting for GMaster479 5) RainThinker- voting for JS 6) Abhisk - voting for GMaster479 7) GMaster479 - voting for JS 8) underground_dan voting for Limey 9) woon - DEAD Killed by:Prisoners 10)
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