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    Sorry about butting in, but for a long time on many threads I have read this debate on Religion in its many forms, it being an infinite back and forth that really achieves very little. One thing that has become clear though, is that there is a certain level of animosity towards those who 'believe' coming from the 'realists'. I can understand anyone feeling annoyance or anger towards people who force their religion upon others, feeling annoyance or anger that children are spoonfed a doctrine that they don't have much choice but to believe, and feeling annoyance or anger towards many of the inequalities some religions create. I should say at this stage that I don't believe in any God of any kind and never have. But I have no problem with an individual believing what they believe. From personal experience I know a person's belief can be a great help through tough times. I grew up in a place that, before I was born, one side of the community was oppressed by the other, causing war, violence and everything it brings along with it. My family, and surrounding community, lived and suffered through alot of hardship etc. and I know alot of them relied subconciously on their religious beliefs. Especially the older generation, who having lived through a whole life of discrimination, felt that although they were condemned in their real life through default, they were able to take solace in the fact that there was 'a life', or a 'reward' even, in the form of the afterlife. I know my mother couldn't have carried on without that - however misguided - comfort. So my point/question is this: Why do some of you who don't believe, here on BD, choose to become as bad as the preachers we all see and meet on the outside world, when coming on to a thread like this, and condemning those who do believe. Organised religion has many (too many) unacceptable downfalls, but it's hypocritical to deny someone their belief in a God if they don't indoctrinate or follow through with the inequalities (sub)conciously presented. I hope this isn't taken out of context, as I agree as much as the next person that various religious teachings are wrong. But if someone believes in a God, and doesn't hate or discriminate against homosexuals [as an example] (I include many other things frowned upon by those teachings), then where's the problem? Let it be. Each to their own.
  2. Joe's Student

    A puzzle like this but with more complex shapes would be interesting .
  3. Joe's Student

    Forest Mafia

    That's pretty much on topic . But it depends on the host. Usually it's frowned upon to blatantly come out with it (sometimes you've no choice but to), but subtle hints are better. Then if needs be, more obvious hints. This is only when you're under fire though, otherwise it's usually penalised by role ability reduction or worse. So yeah, only when you're going to be lynched, and even then it's better to hint and suggest until you're certain to be lynched. Hope that helps . Edit: Forgot I was a ghost
  4. Joe's Student

    Forest Mafia

    Well that was dissapointing . Good luck critters.
  5. Blood, sweat and tears. I think I should have started with something easier. I had so much work to do this weekend too... Thanks for that Bb .
  6. I think I finally have it :
  7. Joe's Student

    I see... I assumed that you meant the train had an infinite top speed, i.e it would keep gaining in speed until it was forced to decelerate because of an upcoming station. I didn't realise that you meant it would hit its top speed at some stage and it couldn't go any further than that. That's where the basis for there being an optimium distance between the stations came from. Don't worry it makes sense , I think I just misunderstood it. I'll have a look at it again later. But I would be surprised if I managed to get the right answer .
  8. Joe's Student

    Well I've been taken up with Bb's latest cryptogram (that I still can't get), but after giving up for a while I looked at this properly: I think that's right . I'll do some work on the second part after giving Translator 25 some more thought.
  9. Joe's Student

    Was going to ask about that... so you're saying it's maximum deceleration is O.5m/s^2?
  10. Joe's Student

    Do you mean that the distance between each station is the same? Or that it is different between each station?
  11. Still struggling with this, I'll keep trying after some needed sleep.
  12. I don't know if you can confirm this Bb but Also a question to anyone who creates/solves cryptograms:
  13. Joe's Student

    Forest Mafia

    Why not? Looks good. Gods of the Forest: Kat and Liam 1) Mekal (Reserved) 2) Woon (Reserved) 3) Riranor (Reserved) 4)Reaymanator 5)Randro (confirmed) 6) JS 7) 8) 9) 10) Backups: 1) Slick (Possibly?) 2) 3)
  14. Joe's Student

    Ye Olde Mafia

    Sorry to butt in on the "code" argument everyone but I've been thinking about it a bit. I don't exactly know how it was formed between Imp and SG, that's irrelevant, but I do think it's unfair if 2 or more players decide upon a code before roles are announced and the game begins. The same could be said about bringing in a code you are using with a certain player in another game. In either of those cases, I believe, you have used unfair means to establish the code. If the code is made through a role's messaging ability then that's fair enough. In another words, if I send someone a message using my ability and set-up a code then that's fine. The same goes for putting a coded message out there, with a code that hasn't been established with anyone else beforehand, for it to be solved. If you solve it you're in luck and I think that is fair. Sure it may not be exactly in the spirit of the game to constantly post in code, but that just means it's up to you to crack it . Just my two cents. ------------ Thanks Prince Marth for the game, even though I only had time to choose a side.
  15. This thread is apparently dead, but for anyone who can't find anything to read, or feel like something that differs from the norm, I've just read the best 4 books of my life so far. The Red Riding Quartet by David Peace was unlike anything I have ever read, it was unbelievable in every sense of the word. It begins with 1974, then continues with 1977 and 1980, and culminates in 1983. Unfortunately I'm no critic, so I can't explain too well why it is a masterpiece, but I thought I should at least let people know about a series that has completely changed how I think about literature. I'm reading another book by Douglas Hofstadter at the minute; Metamagical Themas. I only realised the other day it was him who wrote GEB .
  16. Joe's Student

    Ye Olde Mafia

    O Untameable Freelancer: Join the innocents. If you, like most of us playing, enjoy Mafia when it challenges you to think, to research, to use logic and cunning and guile, and to use that gut instinct of yours, then there's only one team for you. As a baddie you know your enemies. You have a Night Kill every night from the second onwards, where your only thought process is to out-think the saving roles. Where is the challenge there? With the innocents, sure it's not as easy, you mightn't be as active during the nights, but when you choose on Night X to kill Player Y, because you yourself know for certain that they are the Dark Knight, and when it comes off perfectly, the sense of satisfaction you'll feel will be unmatchable by any sense of satisfaction you could gain with the Baddies. There is only one side really .
  17. Joe's Student

    Ye Olde Mafia

    That is exactly what I thought...
  18. Edit: I see it doesn't matter. I was too late
  19. Joe's Student

    Ashamedly, I follow pretty much follow all sports. Please don't hold it against me . I was up to 3 yesterday morning watching the Masters. Edit: I realise this was totally off-topic. Apologies. Maybe we should just leave it all until PM says RT has confirmed or been replaced.
  20. Irrespective of whether or not the part that touches the patient hasn't been touched by another doctor? If the inside has been touched by another doctor, I'm taking it that that fulfills the above condition? I wanted to be clear in my head.
  21. Thanks rookie for that (and andro too it appears), it was beginning to put me off looking at the New Puzzles page. A description requirement is great.
  22. I think it's a great idea. It would cause me to spend more time looking at puzzles, which I don't do as much now, as I'm not really by the WAI's etc.. If the mods are up for the work, it sounds like a good idea. I think your main problem is Con #1, but if enough notices are given (again more moderating), then it should work without too many misplaced topics.
  23. Joe's Student

    I'm so jealous... But the actual point of this post is to agree with JarZe. It's the part I look forward to most - getting my role .
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