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    Cmon, signups are now people. I will repost so y'all can see it first thing. 1. 2. Slick 3. Flamebirde 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Jay
  2. Explained. I thought the same thing was happening since we all came back here. I click on BDEN and I'm still logged in. I proved that wrong. I did in fact log out and went to another site. I have Google Chrome and use it always. I checked with a different computer and different browser (IE) to see if my name was there and sure enough, I was logged out as I expected. I went back to my laptop with Chrome and clicked on BDEN and detected that it automatically logged me in upon entering the site. It doesn't happen all the time but usually it does it for me. Either it has to do with Chrome settings, cookies or something but it will not be of any harm to anyone FYI. It is nice to skip a process unless I meant to be anonymous which is quite rare these days. Perhaps I am not the only one then.
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    We can remind Phil later and keep it going? 1. 2. Slick 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  4. akaslickster


    Added for marksmanjay. wassup Phil?
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    About time, been waiting since Aug. that's all.
  6. Just in case this beautiful flower is missing:
  7. That may be a great idea. Seems you are eager to play as well. I can provide a link if you pm me if you want.
  8. Seems like this was covered by chat etc. I really think it has a chance but, nvm if it stinks. Anyway, every time I see a Facebook AD for Brainden, in my home page, I click like and share. I urge everyone else to do the same at least.
  9. Gee, it was my first thought. I really need to get back into this one of these days. Plain was close to it though. Maybe he will visit us at MM again.
  10. I must agree with Thalia's comment, however, a positive attitude along with maximum optimism will help more than feeling glum about the slump. Many times I will appear logged on all alone just to show that I can be more than just one of the 50 guests that appear present. It's a pity that thousands of emails were lost in the crash. We could have urged them to return if we had communication. I should be spending more time here myself, but Mafia is not like it was years ago. Riddles are not a habit like when I began here. I expect a lull during these holidays so not a big worry. I have a couple of ideas: 1. How about we organize cooperatively? Once or twice a week or more in the chat room or a thread to discuss possibilities or specific options in order to bring a crowd. It will be strictly volunteer discussion for maybe 1/2 hour sessions. There can be a group session for morning, for day and one for night if enough people will help and volunteer. Time zones will allow attendance if we have multiple sessions. I can spare a half hour a week and maybe more. Once we come up with super ideas to share, we can get to work on executing them. This is like troubleshooting but it can't hurt the site. 2. Advertising as much as we can. I was taken in by a riddle that captured me and reeled me in here. If we can gather the most addictive and exciting pieces of work from here that people will become interested in, We can make an attractive link while assuring them it is a completely free site. Anyone who can help with slogans and mass advertising on respectable sites like Facebook will be a BIG HELP. I think there is potential to get busy once again if we just organize, cooperate and keep our hopes up. We really need to WOW people before reeling them in. No boring old riddles that means. Take the best of everything we have and capitalize on it for special advertising amazement. If this can all become incorporated nicely and get people hooked, it should be a success. As always, y'all can comment, agree or disagree but these are just my ideas. Perhaps someone has better ideas. IDK
  11. Depending on distance and eyesight, one can find the 8 instantly and I would have hidden it more than it was but still fun for some.
  12. I figured that the shadows on the paper help make it look like 3D. We need a test to see how many are fooled by these and other ones. Besides that, Yahoo 2012 videos have claimed it as a favorite. If anyone wants to view more of this or subscribe just click here http://www.twitter.com/brusspupview or like and friend brusspup on Facebook. Happy Holidays y'all!!!
  13. You have 10 seconds to find the 8.
  14. First time I saw this so, thought I'd share.
  15. akaslickster

    One Up Me

    If I had a dollar for every post I made, I could buy some more beer.
  16. Ohh, I missed this thread. I will start with crossword puzzles. I enjoy passing the time if bored and It is exciting to see how well you can grasp a hint/clue and come up with a correct word that you were able to fit. Self satisfaction is always there upon completion with no mistakes. I prefer not being timed but I can be a quick one at times. Scrabble is different, just being able to use my above average vocabulary to score higher than my opponents(s) is a basis for a good time. Again I prefer to have a long time limit or none at all b/c enjoyment for me is not being stressed or in a hurry. Logic games on Google Chrome are fun as well, I won't list everyone but "Cut the Rope" is a great example. I am happy to solve a level on the first try and not get disgusted trying several times starting over. You can really find many different kinds of these if you look around enough throughout the web. Last but not least and I've seen this here already, MAFIA games. They are not all logic but many wish they were. I like to play using team work and kill off the opposition team(s). My past history of involvement speaks for itself as I became famous for being unpredictable and one who seems to have a 6th sense at times for weeding out baddies mainly. We always welcome noobs and others to give it a try and see how much they like it and we are elated to meet and become acquainted with them. I have other things I can put down but, I will wait until I get a bunch so as not to post too much here. Please try the above and have fun.
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