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  1. akaslickster

    a natural slug would be 2nd place last then move the rest down a place.
  2. akaslickster

    second from last is snail then turtle then sloth(if in motion) then rabbit.
  3. akaslickster

    The slug would be last because like a penny it won't move at all.
  4. akaslickster

    I suppose the seahorse is in water beside the land with the other animals., Does the snail need any water?
  5. akaslickster

    You could be a heart. Maybe a balloon???
  6. akaslickster

    It's not the color of hair that's impressive. It's the texture, length and style which must accent the head and body that it belongs to. I wanted to be your 1st comment. Au revoir
  7. I was standing at a bus stop in Chicago one morning, when unexpectedly a limosine pulls up in front of me. The window went down and WOW it was Oprah. She asked me, " How can I get to the {294} ?"and I merely replied, "Just lose a few pounds..
  8. How about don't share anything and have more to yourselves. Without a risk.
  9. akaslickster

    I think it's an untoasted pop-tart cool for school.
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