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  1. akaslickster


    PM was sent to Cat'. I changed one word to a similar word.
  2. Let me know when to start. Pm's will go to my email. Let's sign up Mafia people!
  3. akaslickster


    New Round (Please make sure your inbox is not full). 1. EDM 2. Flamebirde 3. Thalia 4. MiKi 5. Slick 6. 'Cat'astrophe Okay, EDM, I'll give it a try and if I can keep up with it and like it, I'll keep playing. EDIT: Just noticed I played this over 3 years ago.
  4. Well, nevermind. It is working now. Hope I didn't alarm anyone.
  5. There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here « Return to the index It appears there is a Driver Error: I am getting this from Chrome and cannot get here unless I use Int. Explorer. It was good last year.
  6. If you finish coloring it, I hope you can post it again in here. Maybe you can do it carefully.
  7. Host: Miki and Nana7 1. Flamebride 2. TheChad 3. SMV 4. mew 5. Roy-Chan(hotthnfire) 6. Ravyn 7. Fat Tony 8. Hidden G 9. Slick 10. marhart14 Mentors: 1. Auramyna 2. Thalia 3. Slick 4. Backups: 1. smoth333 2. tolecnal? 3. mboon I suppose I will available. I'll pm if not. Hope to have someone who will undoubtedly be active.
  8. Stop. I will fill in for Ravyn as mentor, if ok with hosts. It seems that she left the game I can take her spot though.
  9. akaslickster

    Warmest greetings Amanda. You can call me Slick or Mafia veteran. Did you know we have played over 100 games since it began in the game thread? I am one person who can tell you that there is something for everyone. Enjoy your stay.
  10. FYI As per host Miki: You all must be confirmed to play by Saturday @ noon CST. Otherwise you will be replaced. @ Fat, you can pm both in case one of them gets sick or something. Carbon copy if you want. That is your best bet and make it in red type. tnx. Just helping out.
  11. One thing you may want to change. The game does not end on Friday night but Night 1 will and to have actions in by that time.
  12. I would rather be a player but, if it depends on getting this off the ground, then I can mentor someone. Is that via pm only b/c I never did that before?
  13. I'm back for awhile. :D

    1. Auramyna


      Hey, hey, hey. I see you there.

  14. Host: Miki and Nana7 1. Flamebride 2. TheChad 3. SMV 4. mew 5. Roy-Chan(hotthnfire) 6. Ravyn 7. Fat Tony 8. Hidden G 9. Slick 10. Mentors: 1. Auramyna 2. Thalia 3. 4. Backups: 1. smoth333 2. tolecnal? I am not up to anything else interesting so, I can join. I must edit and retrieve a backup.
  15. akaslickster

    One Up Me

    He's like a cape: trying to cover up his own mistakes. EH?
  16. Doesn't work for me anymore. :idk:
  17. Mind is a waste when you get stupid. Hee-hee.

  18. Post will be 90 minutes late as per Maurice. Thanks for y'all patience.
  19. akaslickster

    Easter Egg Mafia

    I didn't have a chance anyways. Good game all. 72 pages is a big turn off so I will not quit working to read that much. It pays to lose for me.
  20. akaslickster

    Easter Egg Mafia

    Put my vote on curr3nt just so you all see that I was correcty and NOT youz.
  21. akaslickster

    Easter Egg Mafia

    I had to work hard all day. You are using a poor excuse to kill another goodie but evidently you all want that so bye.
  22. akaslickster

    Easter Egg Mafia

    Not very wise unless you are creme' brulee. I will check in later and see if you found my earlier hint.
  23. akaslickster

    Easter Egg Mafia

    Me sooooo confused. Maybe tolecnal or someone else. Not sure about it yet.
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