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  • Interests Hi my name is sahil and I belong to India, i love dancing, swimming, body building and also like brain wash games

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  1. sahil12 added a post in a topic Play Fun Brain Games Keep Our Mind Healthy!   

    I agree with you that  brain needs some kinds of exercise like our body, but I want to ask you what kind of games like  mind teaser game or jigsaw puzzle for kids  dose it will keep our mind healthy.
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  2. sahil12 added a post in a topic Games to Come (e.g. Mafia)   

    Yet I have not played such type of games before, but it sound good the word mafia and I am curious to know many more thing about this game.
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  3. sahil12 added an answer to a question From 16 points, how many ETs?   

    I think it will be arrange 45
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  4. sahil12 added a question in New Logic/Math Puzzles   

    Lost in the jungle
    The time I am surfing the net I found myself on the site and on that site I also found many games, if you people know such site please let me know.

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  5. sahil12 added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi I am new on this site?
    people let me introduce you myself my name is Sahil and I belong to India and I am new on this site and I am glad to be a part of this site.
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