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  1. This is another easy letter sequence: Find the missing letter(s) in the following sequence: 1. J _ F _ M H A L M _ J E J _ A T S R O R N R D R Even if this is an easy one post your answer inside the spoiler. Your time starts now.
  2. grey cells

    A=B A^2 = AB A^2 - B^2 = AB - B^2 (A+B)(A-B) = B(A-B) A+B = B 2B = B 2=1
  3. grey cells

    Then it is a sequence , right.
  4. grey cells

    Does this question have anything to do with sequences ? Or is it just a single entity ?
  5. grey cells

    Hey!! I was really drawn into your trap. I even went to Wikipedia . And your topic title itself was a major distraction . I followed the path of the quote , and thought it was Julius Caesar.I even tried to connect the numbers with Julius Caesar.
  6. grey cells

    If it takes a man a week to walk a fortnight how many apples make a pair?
  7. grey cells

    Hey!! That was a really nice one and which I may say was a teeny-weeny paradox.Because you know the answer but you are forced to say tin.
  8. Hi Noct. If you check the hint you will know , in which direction to proceed.But maybe, if you had tried a little harder.....
  9. grey cells

    I too could not find any other pattern . So I decided upon leaving out 2. You are right , leaving out a number does not denote a pattern . But it was the closest thing I could find , so I just posted my answer.
  10. Hey! that is really innovative.But at the same time it could be hard to guess.
  11. Thanks , bononova.I did not know that.It will help me in remembering the colour code easily from now on . And if I remember right such a verse is called a mnemonic.
  12. Try solving this number sequence: One I made myself with my fav ingredients. Find the missing number: 2 , 5 , 11 , _ , 137 ,.....
  13. grey cells

    Lost In Space , Please do not post the answer now.
  14. grey cells

    Thanks Neida . Finally I got hold of the reasoning.I Agree that with 196 You have the upper hand .
  15. grey cells

    Hey. I was just joking . I know that there is no such thing as a mathematics nobel lauraete.What do you think the was for? And anyway before posting anything here I would definitely cross-check it . The world's top brains are here(P.S.Not joking) And thanks for replying to my post. Hey thinking again my discovery could force the noble prize organisers to rethink the categories.I could become the first Mathematics nobel lauraete.
  16. grey cells

    Yes . I agree with you on the culprit being the Again the newspaper is A monday's newspaper.So it could have been an old one.
  17. grey cells

    I understand that Lost In Space has used many exclamation marks.But he has also specified that the answer is a free man . Does this clue match with your answer?
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