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  1. grey cells

    Ahhhhh!!!!Agonising.This reminds me of my good ol' maths teacher.She used to say always start from scratch.Congrats lausus. Intelligent phrasing .
  2. please verify the answer.
  3. That's the point . No one can write another's autobiography.As far as I know Autobiography is a book that is written and COMPLETED by him in his own lifeteme.So I still think history is the most appropriate answer.
  4. grey cells

    I think that lausus just wanted to say that there can be more than one answer.
  5. grey cells

    oh!!!Missed it by miles.A tricky one this
  6. The riddle was good and not that easy.You have to give full marks to brhan.He was the one who led the way to the answer.
  7. But then an autobiography is completed when the person is dead.His autobiography ends with his death.
  8. grey cells

    maybe he is standing for president himself.Again maybe the age factor is mentioned to confuse us.
  9. grey cells

    Is the third sentence a clue???
  10. grey cells

    No.I had not heard of this one before.But it was a good one and I like puzzles which play with words.
  11. grey cells

    Please verify the answer.
  12. grey cells

    I agree with you.But I have also filled in 2 more numbers(1/4,1/4)to continue the sequence.And it keeps the pattern running
  13. No I don't think so.An autobiography ends when the person is dead.
  14. Imaginative answer but not the one i was expecting!
  15. Come on guys , post some answers.I am tired of opening and closing the topic.
  16. grey cells

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
  17. kudos to Seventh Sage.I think he has got it.Itachi-san please post your answer.
  18. "I thought of this riddle while returning from my college. I am a proud father , whenever I give birth to one of my children. My offsprings can cause major mood swings , they can satisfy your hunger , and yet they can sometimes frustrate you. Whenever you scrutinize them you find yourself sucked into another universe , oblivious to the sands of time flowing by. My children are not humans(as you may have guessed) nor are they anything living." Can you guess who my children are????? Now take your time.This may be easy or difficult.It all depends in the direction of your thought.
  19. This one needs a calculator along with your brain. There is a bus with 7 grannies on their way home. Each granny has 7 bags. In each bag, there are 7 big cats Each big cat has 7 little cats. Each cat has 4 legs, naturally. Question: How many legs are present on that bus? I will post the answer later(if needed). Please post the exact answer.
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