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  1. grey cells

    Brhan is right . But I think without the knowledge of location of the victim's body one cannot arrive at a conclusive answer.
  2. OK. This is the final hint . If nobody gets the answer I will post the answer tomorrow.
  3. grey cells

    Hey!!That was a great one . But please do not post your answers immediately. Many like me will be curious to know the answer at once.
  4. Well frankly speaking Brhan I failed to see the puzzle in the right way(your way).
  5. Phew! Bononova , I was really anxious to know your answer. Glad to know I got it.It was a very well concealed one indeed. And guys please do try out SEQUENCE WITH A DIFFERENCE . I have posted a hint. I should have posted a hint earlier. Your Personal statement holds true Bononova.
  6. grey cells

    ViZioN Sorry vizion . Did not go through your previous post . But anyway thanks for explaining about the ASCII code. This shows what lack of practice can do . Definitely rest(atleast too much of it) makes your brain rust.
  7. OK . Stumped till now . Are they related with
  8. Good going , Itachi-san. I do really like your Rhyming conundrums.
  9. grey cells

    Good answer by GIJeff . And TySim do not get disheartened if your threads have been locked . This is an initial part of almost every newbie's life in this forum.This ensures that puzzles are not repeated , leading to the better efficiency of this forum.Please do continue to post puzzles , making sure that the puzzles have not been already posted by running the search engine which is quite easy. You will also come to love this community as I have come to. No offence meant to anyone on this forum.
  10. grey cells

    It,s not at all easy.Actually it needs a fair amount of lateral thinking. But I had heard a similar one earlier,thus making it easier.
  11. [ Tysim , good try.I had a different answer.If you have an explanation you are free to share it with us.
  12. The above statement need not hold true.
  13. I knew it was way too easy. Now please do try the topic "Sequence with a difference".Bet ya , ya cannot get it.
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