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  1. grey cells

    Thanks ALFRED for the information.Please do keep coming up with more such new ideas.
  2. grey cells

    Hope I am correct.All my assumptions check true with the story.
  3. grey cells

    Thanks Alfred . I have been trying to get the answer for the Past 2 days. I am going to post the solution even if you have given it away. GREAT puzzle , this.Please keep posting more such puzzles. :)And I want to add that this puzzle is a paradise for multiples.I tried adding instead of subtracting and I got .. guess what... a whole horde of multiples of 11!!!!
  4. grey cells

    I am curious to know your answer , DocBlack.
  5. Please verify the answers , Bononova
  6. Sorry ignore this . I did not know that I had fill the specific number of blanks.I will try again.
  7. grey cells

    Thanks for posting the answer and method of solving it .But I am not able to make sense of it at present.Maybe I will get hold of it tomorrow.Have to sleep.And by the way I tried for 196 till 30 odd iterations and till now I have not got the answer . But i will keep trying . Maybe I may become a maths nobel laureate(not sure of spelling)
  8. I understand what you mean . But usually in the language of english, a pronoun(in this case him) is used immediately after the noun(husband). And as to referring to the husband's photograph as him , it is a case of anology which is commonly used in puzzles. If I had not used that anology , there would be no puzzle in this case.
  9. grey cells

    No . I think James is and must be the murderer.Because it is stated that he let himself in.Then automatically he has to have copy of the house key.This gives him a better oppurtunity.And moreover as Horvathsgirl has mentioned he had not visited her for many days.This makes him look doubly suspicious.As to the body being moved by his friend , his friend would not risk moving the body as James would have a better knowledge of the layout of house(the light switches) than his friend. And how can the friend go to the body and move it in the darkness and come back to the entrance .
  10. grey cells

    Now how do you put a giraffe in the freezer there is a huge party in the jungle and all the animals are there but only one animal is not there guess who? there is a lake in which there are very dangerous crocodiles no one can enter that lake and come out alive but a man goes in that lake swims for 5 hours and then comes out safe and sound. How? How many u got right? From this puzzle I can make atleast one inference
  11. grey cells

    Actually it's the MMIIX post Sequence, is it the begining or the end - just one to add Sorry . But I cannot understand this.Can you please explain.
  12. Hi neida.I just wanted to compliment bononova on his 1000th post.You bet I don't intend to prove it .Atleast not now.But your challenge is definitely an interesting one . Maybe I can prove the contrary. But putting all maybe's aside , please post your answer on The palindromic puzzle of yours . It is frustrating to know the question and not the answer for 2 whole days.So please post your answer soon.Sorry for the initial lack of courtesy.(forgot to include please).
  13. grey cells

    But one thing worries me.Why would a group of people kill him? I mean , why not just one person.Definitely with proper planning this can be done.
  14. Tman55: Congrats , you got it right . sunrise: Sorry, but Tman55 got it . Maybe I should not have given that hint.
  15. OK. I will post a hint as there have been no replies so far. The answer can be found without using the hint.So try first and then view it , as the hint may give away too much.
  16. Finally , figured out the max. no. of pieces. Figured it out from Storm's generalised formula. (Initially figured it out as 10)
  17. Yeah.HAPPY EASTER to everyone on this forum.
  18. OK.For a change , let's have a letter sequence instead of a number sequence. Find The missing letter: B B R O _ G B V G W This should be an easy one but which can provide resistance to your thoughts.
  19. grey cells

    A good modification of the Crimson puzzle.
  20. HAPPY EASTER and HAPPY 1000th POST DAY BONONOVA. And what a mind-boggling post that is.
  21. Yes . They are the same in decimal.But not in hex.In hex , if I am not mistaken 12=10010.
  22. Thanks , bononova.But still I am not entirely in the clear.If it is hex how can 12 be equal to 1100.
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