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  1. I agree with you.But I gave a clue relating to hexadecimal system.
  2. Sorry storm no offence meant.I only posted it bacause Bononova and brhan must have spent a considerable trying to solve this.So thanks sgain.
  3. Excellent puzzle!! <_< Thanks Storm.And congrats You got the answer.But you also made the same mistake I made. But you reasoned it out first.So congratulations.
  4. A huge SORRY to everyone who have tried to solve this one . I made a very , very silly mistake. I found my mistake only when I went through Bonanova's , reply. CLARIFICATION: First set: 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,2,1 Second set: 8,4,C,4,8,4,C,2,4,8 Again sorry!!!
  5. Yes . I had the same thing in mind(what chanakyavg suggested). That's why I had specified The hallucinatory assumption relating to the fiancee.
  6. grey cells

    This should be the logical answer.That was a good one.
  7. Oops. Nope. My answer would make 4 -> 8. My reasoning is something different.
  8. Finally . It was easy , wasn't it?Well done.
  9. Come on , guys and gals.Please do post some answers.Do I have to give a hint?
  10. grey cells

    I think Dan0mac13 meant the word "CRIMSON" to be their surname.
  11. grey cells

    Hey , someone has to teach you punctuation lessons man.
  12. This one's easy.I heard this from a friend of mine.I used the search engine and could not find any matches. So here goes: It is a rainy day and a storm is brewing in the distance.You are on your way home in your car.At a street corner,you come across three persons , without any rain-protective gear. Person no.1 : YOUR FRIEND Person no.2 : YOUR FIANCEE Person no.3 : A VERY OLD WOMAN whose met with an accident. Now the problem is your car can accomodate only TWO persons at the same time(driver and ONE passenger) . You cannot deny your FRIEND a ride because you are indebt
  13. Sorry.No , what i have in mind is something different.
  14. I got this idea from brhan's sequence. A set of numbers is given below: 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,2,1 Another set of numbers is given below: 8,4,12,4,8,4,12,2,4,8 There is a certain relationship between these two sets of numbers.Can you find the relationship? If nobody finds an answer I will post a hint. For newbies , please post your answer inside spoilers.
  15. Again did not see the post.
  16. Sorry,didn't see the posts,But thanks itachi-san and statman.
  17. grey cells

    I think =W= has the answer.Please confirm brhan.
  18. Forgive my ignorance.But I am curious to know what a jigsaw is.I know of jigsaw as a puzzle .Is this some sort of contraption suspended from above.
  19. I have a theory.According to my theory , "Thinking while travelling on the way home is good for the brain". PROOF:For two days in a row , I have created two puzzles of my own while travelling back home .Yes, My very own. Just joking guys. Now down to some serious brainy business. Is there a pattern which the following set of numbers follow??: 2,4,16,112,448,7,168 Yes , there definitely is a pattern.Can you find out the pattern??????. Please suggest as many answers as you can.
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