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  1. I'm really confused. Can someone explain how you're getting these answers?
  2. What I meant was that if you changed $1.26 to something higher, what is the highest value for which there is still a solution with 5 stamps?
  3. Are we assuming that the mixtures are perfectly mixed and that all samples of the mixtures will have the same percentage of each liquid as the entire glass?
  4. A possible extension: What is the highest maximum postal price for which this problem has a solution?
  5. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    I suppose I could be a backup, but if I play I'll need a mentor. OK?
  6. So the question is to find the five stamp amounts that can make any whole number of cents between $.01 and $1.26 inclusive using a maximum of five stamps?
  7. What does the red mean? Is it saying where the stuff is supposed to go, since it all got moved to one place when the site broke?
  8. I'm back! The Den is back! I'm so excited! Yay!

  9. According to your solution, Sam has to be male (condition 3).
  10. Wouldn't the witch think the man was getting less than his fair share, not more?
  11. Should this be "fully covered" instead of "half covered"?
  12. When does the next thread start? Edit: Does the fact we have unlocked the Banquet means that this thread is over? Edit 2: Wait, no. With the Witch the thread is never over! (dramatic music)
  13. You think what? I'm a bit confused about the graph.
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