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  1. I mean, it's possible, but why would he?
  2. It's recently passed 7 billion. Of course, you have to assume that there is someone with no toes on their left foot
  3. @ WoD Are we supposed to figure out where the key was hidden?
  4. @ TheChad We should probably check all those possibilities, and try that in the lock.
  5. All I see in her spoiler is the following: Answers are... The pattern ends or shifts from there. Is there something missing?
  6. Should there be a "v" after the period in the code? Should it be where it is, before the period, or not there at all. Is it significant?
  7. The numbers in the last thread were important, and the ones in this are 6 (if you count the title), 39, 5, 45, 8. @WoD Is the boy's line about the Witch supposed to be in italics? Is it significant?
  8. I'm missing a lot, I think. How do you know?
  9. One thing. Did the autopsy show what killed him? I think we're focusing too much on the mercury when the guy was found with a knife in his chest.
  10. Any truthful statement that has five letters and begins with i will get you it. Are we missing something?
  11. How did you know it was a quote? Am I missing something here?
  12. I assume 2 pi R means 2π radians, or 360 degrees. Something to do with circles...
  13. Fingerprint trash bag? @ Cav Also, can we use DNA analysis?
  14. Compass directions? north, south, east, west? numbers in parentheses are degree measures?
  15. ^ Definitely. @Cav Can we interview the janitor yet?
  16. I assume by "error" you mean that the code doesn't allow it.
  17. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving's probably not for you!

  18. @ guppy Me? I don't think so.
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