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  1. This thread seems to have slowed down all of a sudden. Strange...
  2. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    I'm not even going to ask who you guys are talking about.
  3. I think the part where it says the poem is non-puzzle-related is meant to counteract the part at the beginning of this mystery where it says that truths discovered here cannot be expected to hold anywhere else, and this is indicating that this is not true for this. I have some thoughts about the poem itself, but I'm going to wait for more information.
  4. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    Shouldn't the broadcast come before the lynch so if the broadcaster is scheduled to be lynched he/she can still broadcast a message? Also, can an RID be redirected?
  5. What does WRT mean? Also, how does a+bi = a(1+bi)?
  6. Will we be playing by Sphinx's Tenth? (If an answer neatly fits all clues, it is a correct answer). Also, need we give the simplest explanation? Like, can we use quantum tunneling, ten pairs of identical twins, infinitely short yellow lines , etc? Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself.
  7. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    What does it mean that the NK is not blocking. Also, who takes the blame if the first of Edmund's siblings is killed by a redirected attack? Also, does broadcast always go through? Can the broadcast be blocked? Can the NK be blocked? Edit: Also, if the first of Edmund's siblings is killed at night, will he be informed?
  8. Check the electrical closet, see if the alarms/cameras can be disconnected from there. It's on the ground floor and the window's open, so that should be checked. Also, the locked doors can be opened from the inside without a key. This may be significant.
  9. Another question that we could ask: How is the Idol Chamber guarded?
  10. He probably does. Also, do we agree together on actions, or does it work like a witch's duel, where the action/BT is submitted as soon as it is posted.
  11. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    WiFoM is similar to the "This sentence is false" paradox. If it's true, then it's false, which means it's true, which means it's false, and you end up going in logical circles until your brain explodes.
  12. Assuming we have to submit specific questions during interrogations, is there a limit to the number of questions we can ask?
  13. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    Actually, I realized that if we don't start until after school ends on the 14th, I might be able to play. I forgot the end of school was so close!
  14. How come we always end up messing around at the end of threads? Does this happen everywhere, or is it something special with the Den and these kinds of threads?
  15. Morningstar

    Newbie Mafia

    Take me off the backups list. I realized that I wouldn't be able to play if I was needed.
  16. If we cover the yellow line, we can put the line in a quantum superposition of states. Then, it's both yellow and not yellow at the same time! Now, I'm not sure how that would help. (Maybe we can confuse the board enough that they'll agree with our proposals.) But anyway, why can't we make a line that's shorter than the road. There's nothing that says that the line has to go all the way along the road, merely that the traffic has to be separated. Or, we could put a sequence of infinitely short yellow lines. The cars will always be separated by at least one, but the length is still zero.
  17. Now, if each die has a different number of infinitely short yellow lines...
  18. If the above is coincidence, I'd be surprised. Huh? Where did that come from?
  19. I have a theory about the Tower of Light, but I need evidence. I'm going to look back and see if I can find some.
  20. How is the Sapphire Witch both the Witch of Doubt and Witch of Vision?
  21. Can two people from the same side attack different Witches? Also, if an attack is applicable to both questions, can we use the same attack twice?
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