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  1. @ Cav you changed your avatar as well?
  2. And as for Nat's riddle 1: Riddle 2 may need coming back to, but here's a stab in the dark: I agree with 1, but I don't know if 2 would be that obvious. It's definitely plausible, though. How many locks have we gotten through?
  3. @ Cav You changed your sig, I noticed.
  4. Nice, MiKi! That's what comes of being one minute late — someone answers the riddle first. Second one is confusing, though. Any thoughts?
  5. I see... My mistake. Good one!
  6. Never mind, it's not. :(

  7. Yay, the Den is working! (I think)

  8. Nooooo! The Den is down!

  9. Nooooo! THE DEN IS DOWN!

  10. I'm a bit confused, and I think you guys are too smart for me.
  11. ^^^ Definitely. My brevity is because I'm on an iPod.
  12. @ Cav I meant, how long after the second murder?
  13. Good point. @ Cav How long after the crime is this?
  14. ^ I don't really think it's that surprising she knew her name. The murder would have been on the news, and it would have mentioned her name. *continues to read five hundred pages of Mafia*
  15. Ask her if there's anybody else we can question. *goes back to reading five hundred pages of Mafia*
  16. Might this have something to do with the Playfair cipher? Probably not, but you never know...
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