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  1. Can I ask some questions? 1- Can any of the prisoners catch the mice? 2- Is the speed of the mice fix? 3- Is it possible to hang any paper around the mice`s neck? 4- Do each one of the prisoners have a watch?
  2. If we have an emty cylindrical glass on a flat table with a dice inside it , naturally, it will contain an amount of air inside it. Now , if we invert this glass upside down on the table, leaving the dice still inside it but landing on the table , will the amount of air inside the glass changes? If yes, would it be more or less, and why? If no...why?
  3. Good to see you again wg. thank you dear...I give up....the trap didn`t work
  4. Mr. Bone and Mr. Stone are friends....one of them is now in prison. What do you think....which person is now in prison? Note: any one knowing the right answer will be put in prison instead of Mr. Stone.
  5. Hi friends...I missed u all... hope you are doing well.... As usual...I`ll start with a very easy puzzle...enjoy it....thanks If 6+27=195 8+12=236 9+18=270 11+13=321 find... 10+10=?
  6. Thanks dear T.S.L.F. , sorry....but you changed their arrangement....which should be( A,B,C,D) and not ( B,A,C,D).
  7. Hi dear friends...I missed you so much....I love you all... I have today a nice puzzle for you...hope to enjoy solving it .. We have 4 beakers( A,B,C, and D) (A) can take only 3 gallons of water,(B) can take 4 gallons...they are both empty at start position. © and (D) have the same size , each can take exactly 5 gallons, both are full with water to start with. Use these beakers only to make an ascending or descending order of water amount in each beaker... i.e. , either...1 gallon, 2,3,and 4 gallons, or 4 gallons, 3,2 and one gallon... Have a nice time..
  8. Even if she was born on Feb.29. she should have at least $1800.... but to find only $500!! is really strange
  9. Presume it tells you "equals" as well. yes...equals..is also possible
  10. You have 8 coins that all look exactly the same, two of them are fake,one of these two fake coins is 0.1gm more than a normal coin, whereas the second coin is 0.1 gm less than a normal coin. With howmany weighings can you find them out using a balance scale?
  11. Why there are only 7 letters in the 1st row?
  12. when you cut the two circles into half, you can put these 4 pieces on a sheet of paper and make a square...
  13. both of them are correct...and still there is another method
  14. I take it in such a way that 4 ships are connected to a 5th ship from 4 sides to give it the energy all the trip ,i.e. only the central ship will be functioning and the others adhering to it are as energy suppliers only. Dear wolfgang, the solution that you consider correct suffers from two problems: 1) It violates common understanding of thermodynamics and 2) even if we allow such violation, it does not satisfy the conditions in your original post. Here is why While I understand that lateral and out-of-box thinking are valued around here, in general such solutions have to b
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