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  1. Hint..... you can use a ribbon to make the circles.
  2. It should be only ONE square, and you don`t need an extra line.
  3. Can you make a square using two circles?
  4. Dear Bushindo....you should notice that I have concidered the moon as our base station(!) and not the earth.So you should think a little bit (laterally),and try to reduce the number to 5 ships only!...note : all of them will reach mars I don't think the number of ships can be reduced below 9. Here is why
  5. Well...9 ships are too much...try to reduce the number If you want the number of unique ships required, then
  6. k-man makes a good point. For the sake of the puzzle, let's assume that the fuel spent is proportional to distance travelled. Let's also assume that the ship that gets to Mars will need to return home. I want the fewest number of ships required , and at least one of them should launch with enough energy keeping it working.
  7. Thanks...I know that the space travel doesn`t need fuel,but I wanted to be a kind of energy used by the machine to keep it working. for your 1st question: The spaceship or ships reaching mars should have an amount of energy keeping them doing their mission. 2- Yes, the spaceship that returns can be sent again and again, so I need number of ships used.
  8. Suppose that we have on the moon a space station which is the only source of fuel and on it there are unlimited number of identical spaceships, We want to send one of them to Mars, each spaceship has a fuel capacity to allow it to fly exactly 1/4 way to Mars (without fuel the spaceship will miss its direction and may explode!). Each spaceship has the ability to refuel by a second spaceship through a specific connection between them without loss of speed . What is the fewest number of spaceships necessary to accomplish this mission without losing any one of them? Note:1- Each spaceship
  9. Take the numbers 2 to 9 to make three numbers each of three digits, so that the first number is twice the 2nd number , and the 2nd is twice the 3rd number. Each number should come only once except for one number should come twice. Zero is not included. what are the three numbers?
  10. Very nice trial....I had another approach, but yours is ok and clever
  11. The OP should begin with the last one,who can see the number infront of him,but still don`t know his own number.
  12. The cubes are not allowed to be marked.
  13. Nice puzzle, left & right using 13 each (complete alphabet) . How you say 3 ,4 & 8? Thanks ...to write 3 to the left: ABCHKLMRWVU...and 4 to the left:AGKLCHMRW......8 to the left:HCBAGKLMRWVUQ...
  14. Eight persons having numbers on their backs( 1 to 8) were standing randomely behind each other in a straight raw( so that the first person can see nothing,while the others,each one can see only the number of the person standing infront of him), each one has a mini cube in his hand containing one number,from 1 to 8 at random, no one of them know neither the number on his back nor the number inside his cube, but the number inside the cube for each person is either lager than or smaller than the number on his back by 1. They have to enter another room,starting from the last one,,, in the other
  15. o o o......o o o o....o......o....o o o o......o o o o....o......o....o o o o......o o o Left........Right I gave to each circle( from left to right) a letter, so the most upper left is A,then the next is B,then C........D E F like this: A B C.....D E F G....H.....I......J K L M.....N O P Q....R....S......T U V W...X Y Z If I want to write 1 using the left side,it will be: AGKQU and by using the right side it will be: DINSX to write 2 with the left side,it will be: ABCHMLKQUVW and so on... Thanks
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