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    Hi...I am so glad to see so much replies....anyhow...the 3rd son was to say the same answer even if he didn`know what the other two brothers said !
  2. wolfgang

    Three men a Japanese,an American and a scottish where infront of a lie detector device which (peep)if someone tell a lie. above the detector was written:what do you think will happen after three years in yor country? the Japanese said: I think we will make a robot which will be exactly like human! the detector peeeped. the American said: I think we`ll reach Mars and live there! the detector peeeeeped. the scottish said: I think.... and the detector peeeeeeeeped!!
  3. wolfgang

    A King have 3 sons, he make no difference between them, he told them that the one who is most clever than the other two brothers will be the next king.He showed them five feathers (2 of them white color and three black). He asked them to sit in a triangle ( each one can see the other two).he put the feathers in a sac,then he attached a black feather to the hat of each one.each one now can see two black feathers but he don`t know which color he had. the king asked the 1st one what feather he had.....he said ..I don`t know. the 2nd also said...I don`t know. the 3rd one said...I must have a
  4. wolfgang

    A doctor adviced his patient to walk 10 Km every day. After one month he phoned the Doctor :Doc. I am now near the city border! shall I go further?
  5. wolfgang

    the solution....1 man...15 women....and 24 children is correct!!Bravooo
  6. wolfgang

    and where are the women?
  7. wolfgang

    Hi dear friends! Fourty poeple( men,women,and children)entered a resturant. each man should pay 4$. each woman 2$. each 4children 1$. totally they paid 40$. howmany men were out of 40? howmany women? and howmany children? have a nice time......
  8. Hello....I didn`t read all the answers.but if we concider the colors as 0 and 1 now let us take any random possibilty...e.g 00111000111001110011 the first one(0)has 50% survival chance,,but he will say the color seeing in the front of him,,,in this case (0) the second one (he knew now his color),at the same time he saw the color in front of him (1),which is different color so he will wait shortly then he`ll say his color(0). the 3rd(is sure now that he has (1),because the 2nd didn`t said immediatly,,0). and as the person infront of him has also (1)in this example,so he will say his col
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