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  1. An unknown number of prisoners( more than 14)were told a day before their execution, that they are going to be blind folded, and a colored paper(either.. yellow,green,red or blue) will be glued on forehead of each one of them( no one can see his own paper), then they should inter a big hall one by one to make 4 raws in this order( Yellow,Green,Red,Blue)i.e. a raw of Yallows, a raw of Greens etc.,each one will be unfolded when he inters the hall.No one of them is allowed to arrenge the others,each one should himslf choose where to stay, once he did,he can not change his place( only the first
  2. Very good! YES..thats it
  3. I watched Roulette for the first time... As I came, Number 18 was the winner, then I observed the next 6 coming numbers, and were as follows: 13, 28, 30, 3, 10, 32 so ...amasingly, they were not coming randomely! They have a specific pattern....do you get it? If yes....Tell me the next three numbers successively
  4. Thank you all...Happy new year to you all....I love you
  5. Yes...thats right....it is the magic sguare
  6. Dear friends....I`ll explain it again like this: A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H...I...J..K..L..M..N..O..P..Q..R..S..T...U...V...W...X...Y...Z 1..--..--...--..2..3..--...4...5..--..6..7..8...9...--...--...--..--.--.10..--..11..12..13..14..15 so I gave to each letter having only straight lines(no curves) a number.
  7. Merry X-mas and happy new year to all of you dear friends... May be some of you find it easy....but let us give it a try....find the missing combination: XKREL GSFMY .?????. COVIU PWJQD Have a nice time
  8. I wrote the letters like this A,B,C,D,F,G,H.....and so on now... I numbered the letters having straight lines only (with no curves),beginning from A=1 F=2 H=3 and so on..... thats it!
  9. Hi... If .........f= 3 ........ h= 4 ........n= 9 ........y= 14 ....... Find T?
  10. Wooooow!!...perfect...thanks Rainman
  11. I put the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in a sequence of Ten steps, which begins with 123456789 (as 1st step) and ends with 123456789( as 10th step) If the 3rd step of this sequence is: 594168327 and the 6th step in this sequence is: 369741258 the 8th step is: 487315962 Find the missing steps
  12. I tried this: (12-8)-(10-8)=2 (4-4)-(6-4) =-2 (9-6)-(7-6) =2 (11-6)-(13-6)=-2 but this role does not work with 5%15=2 otherwise, the missing number should be =0
  13. Peter and John challenged each other to a Russian roulette.Each one of them got exactely the same" Six-shooter revolver",with only one bullet in the uper most firing chamber.Peter was right-handed,were as John was left-handed.Each one spins the cylinder exactely(17 turns).They directed the muzzle against the head of each other and began to shot,both together! Which one will survive? why?
  14. If: 10=+0+0 16=+--+ 18=00-+ 22=++-+ 29=-+0+ find, 15 and 21
  15. Find the missing number in this series: 31, 12, 43, 55, 98, ........., 332
  16. you can choose any number you want
  17. Hi my friends...I`ve prepared a nice puzzle to you.. Here we go:- Cut 9 pieces of paper,write a number on each one of them,from 1 to 9,put them in a pot,put the pot on a table. Your aim is to arrenge these numbers on the table in this order: 123456789 according to the following rules: 1- you can choose any number to be the first number, and put it on the table.( for example I choose number 4). 2-take a second number and compare it with the number on the table, if.. 2nd>1st....put it to the left. if 2nd<1st...put it to the right.( in my example, if I choose 7...I`ll get 74....
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