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  1. thanks for the pig back fab ;-) Glad to be of assistance. But what the hell was I thinking? Temporary solution: 1) Find wall 2) Locate own head. 3) Project own head at wall 4) Try not to miss 5) Repeat several times until feeling better.
  2. fabpig

    Map riddle

    Is there anything else that might help us? eg this is question 47(?), so what is the context? I've gone through the US, UK and major world cities' metro systems and can't find anything.
  3. [spoiler='A one time dodge, yet on target I should stay Flits back and forth, then stunningly falls prey'] Dart Got the wrong Dodge
  4. None of those lie between India and Thailand
  5. How would you make 30? 9+9+9+1+1 = 29 9+9+9+4 = 31
  6. O right! I thought that was Q5 in its entirety (not all 5). So now I need to solve 2 and 4 for my own peace of mind...
  7. Sorry, Queeniepie, But not all of us know when Thanksgiving is.. Who Barack Obana is (or care) (to both) I'm guessing you're fairly young and you've just scanned this in from a test paper and hoping you'd get an easy answer.... tough tits
  8. Seems everyone's too scared, pla. Bearing in mind my 100% record with your riddles, I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself... So..
  9. seems reasonable to me... taking it a stage further, the timetable for flights from Tullamarine to the US ( 19/20 Aug 13) are LA direct, Chicago via Hong Kong, and Honolulu via Sydney. So I'm guessin LA.
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