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  2. No to 1), BG 2) Sort of...ish... But that's only part of the answer. 3) Whereas you are probably right, my answer is much for facetious! Ding ding ding! The man from the home of the R&A has the answer to 1) pretty much word-for-word. Nicely done, Pickett.
  3. That's a nice thought, doubleK, and most links courses probably do have that characteristic (but then so do other "non-links" courses). Sadly, not the reason they have the name Are you suggesting he should play around? I spotted a typo above... .... And my answer is probably for flippant. should read "And my answer is probably FAR MORE flippant." Seems the brain was overtaking the typing finger and I was inadvertantly omitting letters/syllables by the time I got near to the end of the sence.
  4. Wonderful! Can't say you're wrong on that one, pg, but I think, in your heart-of-hearts, that you know that's not what I was after. But it's nice to know you still make me chuckle while I type. And I finally got that sentence right at the 4th attempt.
  5. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Bonanova... No to 1). 2) I gave a bad example in that 28C and 82F are pretty well the same temperature. I was actually after the how/where the temperature is recorded. 3) So did I . And my answer is probably for flippant.
  6. Hi Guys, Phil Mickelson's triumph over the "links" course at Muirfield (great golfer, classy man), brought to mind a Sunday afternoon some years back when I was working as a taxi driver. I was listening to the local radio station phone in (which was also keeping abreast with the Open) and listeners were invited to send in their questions. 3 of the questions were: 1) Why are "links" golf courses so called 2) If the temperature is described as (eg) 82F in Winston-Salem, NC, or 28C London, how is that figure arrived at? 3) Why do gentlemen prefer blondes? Now I'm fairly sure it'
  7. I think you're wide of the mark with your last post, Li, but I'm so glad that you had the balls to mention what's happened. I'm guilty of non-attendance for the last few months, partly for personal reasons, but mainly because the "spark" (or whatever it was we had) is missing. T_L, MoMa, Cubie, yourself and myself all went missing/quiet at around the same time. Even PG seems to have been quiet for a while. It just became sorta humourless - and that's a big shame because I loved the banter (even if most of it was off-topic) especially the Yankee-bating. There. That should evoke some reacti
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