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  1. I'm assuming that the number of lists given is always n? Superb puzzle, nikolas
  2. I googled this variant. It's called "Flying Kings" and it appears it only exists in international games (which are played on a 10x10 board) and certain "in house" rules. The one thing that seems common is that the King is only allowed to jump over 1 piece at a time (although it can continue in any diagonal direction once it's landed on a vacant square). i.e. it can't jump over 2 or more pieces that have no vacant square between them. Hope that clarifies
  3. "...Queens can jump over 2 to 7 squares over a single opponent piece..." Well that's a new one to me, and, I suspect, 99%+ of others reading this. Still, now we know the rules...
  4. Aaaagh! Just spotted a mistake. But I think the method is more or less right.
  5. For my own peace of mind Yessir, good to see you Mr Dude
  6. 'scuse me askin, but why has the guy been repped -1 for posting a question? And by whom?
  7. When I re-read, I realised my solution above didn't conform to the OP. Like harey, I have errrm "iffy" solutions However, I fear that our setter just aint bothered any more
  8. @wilson Thursday 18th Sept. Notice who has NOT been invited to vote?? Landslide if we were!! (pro!) Being facetious my friend. I have quite a few (sensible) Scottish friends down here who think it's one big pisstake.
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