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  1. Thanx EDM. I'll try to kick another one out as quick as I can.
  2. I give this one to both tiger lily AND MrsP!!! Great job guys!! And thanx to music luvr and EDM for the great guesses!
  3. The sad little girl Approaches the park She gets on the swing set Just after dark Up and down and up She swings so low and high She tries to control it It's approaching do or die Some men start toward her Trying to help her slow Yet still, up and down And back up she'll go Till finally they get The little girl past This swinging episode Though it won't be the last
  4. Saw you came to visit me. Thought I'd drop in and say hello myself. Hopefully run into you soon. RMZ.

  5. deannaart

    Sorry, that's all I got so far...
  6. Solved yet again by the great Plainglazed!!!! Way to go PG!
  7. Hey Plainglazed. Glad to hear I'm irresistible. While you didn't need to be name specific, you got it absolutely right!!!! Great job!!!
  8. Nope. Nothing to do with that at all.
  9. deannaart

    When you say, not a thing, do you mean that it's not tangible?
  10. Sorry EDM. Not what I'm looking for.
  11. Hey, Wood. No, but you are thinking in a good direction.
  12. The shepherd herds his sheep Down into the pen They would always follow him And no other again They listen raptly To all he has to say Following him blindly From him they'll never stray Then the day comes He shears them clean He takes their wool They've still not seen He rounds them up And takes them to slaughter Now he's the only one Left holding a water
  13. deannaart

    Hey MrsP, no worries. I was pretty sure you missed the edit, but for some reason kept my silly mouth shut, so my fault too. You are most definately NOT an idiot. It was an honest mistake. Please don't keep any of your wonderful riddles from us on account of one little goof. And thanx to PG for the credit. Happy riddling all!
  14. deannaart

    Hope that's good enough... And you're very welcome!!!!! EDIT: I don't type fast enough!
  15. deannaart

    Fantastic metaphor MrsP!!!
  16. deannaart

    Darnit! Wish I would've gotten here sooner. That was my guess. As always, great job PG!
  17. deannaart

    Do it for kicks, you know, for fun. Twenties it is, but half of the sum. Two would work, but I want one. For the second half, I have no idea... EDIT: The title is Elegant Trim - my computer doesn't like it when I hit the same letter twice, I have to watch for that. Sorry.
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