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  1. Thanx for adding me as a friend, Scudo!! I am honored to hold that title. Hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend of mine as well.

    Happy riddling!!

  2. Happy Birthday Fileobrother! Best wishes!!
  3. deannaart

    Hey Wilson! This is fun! Is it a POW, or a WAI, or .....
  4. deannaart

    Hey, MrsP. Tossing it in once more with...
  5. deannaart

    Another great one MrsP. I really don't think it's fair for me to guess, so I'll leave this one up to the others.... Fantastic, though!!
  6. Thanx EDM. Sorry this one had no staying power. I'm going to take some time off I think to come up with something that will really get the thinkers going, without compromising my quality. Glad you liked this one, though!!
  7. Who dang that was fast!! Great job music luvr!! As always, wonderfully written Edit: About 103 typos Thanx to both of you for the compliments. Sorry this one was so easy. MrsP, I love your answer! It fits all but the last line pretty well. Thanx for playing along guys!!
  8. The panther silently Stalks his prey Never at night But always by day Always he's just One step behind As fast as he runs Your skin, claws won't find So silently stalking Black as the night To elude him you simply Just turn off the light
  9. A great guess Wood! He does seem to fit quite well. And I do love him so.So close... Again, great guesses, EDM. And thanx all around to all who were patient with me while I got my computer back up and running... Still have to work out all the kinks, but I'm here at least! Thanx again!!
  10. A great guess Wood! He does seem to fit quite well. And I do love him so.So close... Again, great guesses, EDM.
  11. Great answers all!!!!! You snagged it EDM with your first guess of these 2. Congrats!! DudleyDude, I am also giving you credit, because Well I guess I will.... Great guesses Justkiknback!!!I really like your first poet answer! Sorry they are not the right answers!!
  12. All I can say is both guesses are wrong. Sorry i can't give you more right now...
  13. You are starting it off with a very close guess, but I am looking for a Who am I here. Great answer, Vixen!That does fit nicely with most of the riddle. Unfortunately, not it. Though you are on the right track in that we are looking for a who, not a what.
  14. I am a mentor of the tongue I toy with humanities thoughts and emotions My soul reaches out and caresses The thoughts of the sane and broken I speak the thoughts of our generation While turning pages of generations past I touch the hearts of broken lovers My words of insight, not the last. My mind mingles with the depressed For I am one of their fellows Fan the flames, I'll burn even brighter Expressing your thoughts with bellows EDIT: I hope you guys like this one, and not too vague... I may add line tomorrow or the next day if This one seems to go on a bit too long. I have a sneaking suspicion it won't.... Happy riddling all!!!
  15. Solved by the amazing tiger lily! You have foiled me once again!
  16. That's a great guess EDM! I can't believe how well that fits. Unfortunately, it's not the answer I'm looking for. Sorry! You are correct!! Told you this one was quick and easy. Hehe. Thanx MrsP. Glad you liked it. New metaphor coming soon...
  17. I am two things That are no longer Part of a pair Now growing stronger Apart now for A myriad of reasons Though together had Weathered many seasons A third entered in Makes the equation tough No matter how solved The end result is rough
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