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  1. the magical disappearing, reappearing dee!

  2. Thanx to all who gave this one a shot.
  3. quote name='EDM' date='13 November 2010 - 01:24 PM' timestamp='1289672685' post='253219']
  4. nice guess EDM. you always have such good ones. alas, this is not along the path i am going.
  5. good guess EDM. not on the right track, though. keep guessing though!
  6. Thanx for the warm welcome!!! **bigg huggs** ive missed you all. i am happy to be back!
  7. He skins the apple So maticoulusly Counting the slices One, two, three Over and over His blade licks Counting the slices Four, five, six Now this apple Is looking mighty fine But he continues to slice Seven, eight, nine Finally the apple Is skinned and done But he picks another And starts counting from one
  8. congrats to thalia and thanx to all for playing along! try to be back soon with another!
  9. sorry Qesh. not where i was going with this one, but nice guess. hey there dragon! yea its been a long time. one of your answers is in the actual answer. but alone, neither is right. hello thalia. while your answer alone is not right, your explination of your answer holds the correct one, so i'll award it to you. congrats!
  10. hey rainthinker. thanx for starting this one off. awesome guess!! i see the parallel here between the ring and rings. unfortunately that's not what i had in mind for this particular riddle. but don't give up hope! the answer is out there. please keep trying.
  11. finally crawled out from the rock ive been hiding under. too much craziness

    1. deannaart


      back to riddle it up fellow riddle zombies! hope everyone still enjoys this new metaphor riddle. hello to all. great to see so many familiar friends and new faces too. well hav fun. happy riddling!

  12. Shiny, sparkling, celestial ring To you my heart does sing Oh so curious at to What in heaven are you? Emerald, ruby, diamond maybe? I sing your song daily I think maybe ill try To give you a buy But alas- out of my range The sorrow is so strange So shine on sparkling ring Upon your pedestal i sing Ill be sure to look at you Every time i pass through Wondering how far From reach you are hello all. its been a while since ive been on. but true to form this is one of my standard metaphor riddles. to bust the riddle, you have to find the metaphor of what im writing about. as always, have fun, and happy riddling!!!
  13. great job again, chicory, and thanx for reading this one everyone. will have another up soon!
  14. And chicory gets it on her first try!!! i had a feeling this one might be too easy, but it was fun, so oh, well. Great job chicory!!!
  15. hehe... good thinking edm. i always love your guesses. they get me thinking. this, unfortunately is not where i'm headed with this particular metaphor, though. keep trying!!
  16. The little princess Sat on her throne Quite frustrated But never alone For the Queen was there Always to guide Helping her gain A new sense of pride She sat and sat In endless doubt And for her efforts There was a drought In that throne room What could be done? As time went by The princess wanted to run But, finally, They found the trick The princess and queen And implemented it quick So, soon the rain Began to fall And all were pleased Yes, one and all.
  17. thanx for all the compliments guys!!! i was really hoping that this one turned out well and that it was enjoyable for all. will try to get another one up soon. happy riddling!!!!
  18. great job pg! you always get me! thanx again for playing everyone!!!!
  19. nice singing! not it though. sorry! Hope you feel better soon. hello to you too, wilson. Great try, and thank you very much for the well wishes. not there yet, though. Take care. thanks pg. and.... congratulations!!!!! you busted me! i hope you all enjoyed this little riddle. thanx for coming out to play with me. i'll try to have another up here soon. sorry edm, pg beat you to this one. thanx for all the great guesses though! Hope you're feeling better today! thanx for the guesses and wishes of good health. pg got the answer to this one though. we'll play again soon!
  20. hello everyone! sorry to have kept you all waiting so long on this one. it seems my health has taken a nasty turn on me. i will only be making short trips out of bed today, but i will try to be on as often as possible. thanx for your patience with me. now, on to the riddle... i love reading all the guesses you all have come up with. either i'm getting better at this, or so bad no no one can guess. EDM, you were hot on the trail with your first answer, i hope you can figure out why. this is not a one word answer. i guess that might have been a hint. again, the answer is very specific, not a generalized answer. good luck, and happy riddling!
  21. Good to see you again D! good to see you again as well tiger lily. while your answers are kind of the general idea, there is a very specific metaphor here. Keep trying! I love this ladybug image. I love your ideaas!!! they are getting more exact, which is what i'm looking for, but still not it. i love the ladybug image too... thanx! keep going! again, we're getting more generalized here. i am looking for something very specific. think you can beat me once again? give it a shot. i've got faith in you.
  22. I always enjoy your metaphors, Deannart, and as for getting to start it off-- luck of the night owls! Why thank you for the lovely compliments! While well executed, you answer is still way off base. that' the only guidance you'll get from me this early on. happy riddling. i'm off for tonight, but will see you all, and hopefully some new answers tomorrow! Night Den!!
  23. deannaart

    And nice poem by the way. this coming from the lady who does all her riddles in poem form if, that counts for anything
  24. Nice answer, chicory. not what i'm looking for, but just the caliber of guess i would expect from you. oh and thanks for starting this one up. hope you enjoyed the one before it!!
  25. A little ladybug scampers Up the flower's stalk Nothing out of the ordinary To make her fuss or balk Then she takes a look up And , oh what can be seen! Why it's a little boy With his watering canteen! He dumps it on the flowers Swooshing the ladybug to the ground Now there's water and mud and general muck all around The ladybug resolves herself To get back on that stem She'll try one more time She's determined to do it again There's no stopping till She makes it to the top Then on the soft, warm petals She'll joyfully drop 2nd metaphor in a while. still getting back into the swing of things. any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. other than that, have fun! happy riddling!!
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