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  1. deannaart

    Will have to think on this some more...
  2. Thanx PG. Glad you enjoyed it!
  3. Horray for you!!!! I thought no one was ever going to get it!!!!Great job!! I really hope you're not all dissapointed. Thanx for playing along!
  4. No, your last guess was closer.
  5. Edit WOW I just saw the above so now I so think I got It Darnit.... again....same thing, different word. You are all going to be so dissapointed.... Straying away from the path with this one....
  6. ooohhh....I almost wanna just give it to you..... The answer is another word for this. (It's actually in the definition of this word)
  7. Solved by the great PG!
  8. CONGRATS!!!!! PG swoops in with the win!!
  9. Taken from the new lines..... Well, the first one is actually used in the riddle, so that can't be it, and the others aren't exactly what I'm looking for. Please keep the great guesses coming!
  10. maybe Again, looking for how to phrase that... These are good... keep thinking like this
  11. I thank you for the compliment. This is not quite as elegantly written as usual, but here it is anyways, for your enjoyment. You've got the right idea going on here, but how would you go about phrasing it?
  12. Nope, not going in that direction. But please keep guessing!!
  13. Magma sitting beneath the surface No one notices it right now Pressure builds the more it's kept in Raising the magma to the rim's brow When finally the pressure builds so much The walls can hold it no longer The lava bursts out from the volcano Covering everything, for nothing's stronger The fiery blaze shoots up and out Exploding with tension built up inside Everyone runs far, in search for cover Finding the safest places to hide
  14. Good Morning all!! Good morning to you! (except it is now afternoon...) Sorry, boy not it. Good morning to you, too, PG. Great guess. You are thinking in the right fashion now... No, sorry... This can't be it, because I used "classy" in the riddle. Sorry!
  15. Sorry for the delay , guys. Killer migraine. So far, no one has it, but I will say this... Music lover, the Answer is very important to the people of your answer.(But remember, were looking for something intangible here) Hope that doesn't just tangle people up more. I'll try to think up another verse to add on in the civilized hours of he morning.
  16. No, again, and remember the hint... You did follow the second part of the hint, but the first part is very important too.
  17. I like that guess. Not where I was going with this one, but a clever guess.
  18. I feel I should clear something up. We'll make it a small hint.
  19. It makes sence right now Hey, Magic-luver. Thanx for the guesses. Your first one can't be it, because it is a tangible object, and what I'm looking for is not. The second one kinda fits, but unfortunately is not what I'm looking for.
  20. I know, I know, not it. sorry, you're right, not it.
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