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  1. Good try, but nope, sorry.
  2. Well thanx for being a fan. I actually have one to drop, but am waiting till Monday, I think. Anyhow, these answers are more along the right track in that they are intangible. Other than that, you are right. They can't be it cause I used them in the riddle. Keep at it! I will try and think up some hints if this starts to seem to hard, but I think it's a little early yet.
  3. deannaart

    Any of these going down the right track?
  4. ya it'll be a while before I'm on the right track... Well, thank you for your confidence in my ability to write metaphors. However, again, I must say, no, this is not going down the right path. Now that you're guessing like it is, I almost wish I had written it as a metaphor. Not being one is going to throw a lot of people I think. Please keep trying, though. I think you'll be able to get past your mental block. Re-read the second to last line, and hopefully that'll help you see what type of answer I'm looking for.
  5. yeah, it kinda reads like a metaphor, but i don't think it qualifies, with the answer I've chosen. So, sorry, but i must say, no, your answer is not the one I'm looking for. Keep guessing, though!
  6. OK, headache has eased up a little, so i can stand looking at a computer screen again. Yay!! Guess a little! I'm here to answer and guide you. Like I said, this is my first non-metaphor in a while, so I hope it's not too confusing. Happy riddling!!
  7. Will be still thinking on this. Hey PG. Thanx for starting this one off... Sorry, your answer is not going don the path I had intended. Do keep trying, though! Sorry, guys, I am working with a real whopper of a migraine right now, so i may be on and off till it eases up some. I promise to keep checking in, though. Happy riddling!!
  8. deannaart

    Quick question... are we looking fur a specific person here?
  9. The dog went to the groomers To keep up her good looks Maintain that classy style You only find in books It wasn't easy to keep up With all of the pretension Caused her and those around Undue amounts of tension. But she had to act proper Always looking her very best This thing she must keep Well above all the rest
  10. deannaart

    Yucky! Great first riddle! Very well written. Don't feel bad about it being a short guesser, I've been doing this for quite some time now, and I still kick some of those out... As for the SOLVED feature, there are directions in the Important: READ BEFORE POSTING button. It takes a time or two but it's really pretty easy. Again, great job!
  11. Today is my daughter's 2nd birthday! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, I love you so dearly, happy birthday to you!!!

  12. You are correct sir! Yeah, this was a borderline metaphor, but i stuck it in here anyways. Great job!
  13. Sorry, Nope. Not what I was looking for.
  14. Hey, Wilson! Sorry, this is not what I was looking for. Keep trying!!!
  15. Nice answer. You're on the right track.
  16. Hehe, ok sorry. Seriously though... ROTFLOL! You're so funny!!! Another great one!! Thanx MrsP! Glad you got a crack at this one. Unfortunately, your guesses are no where near where I'm going with this one. Sorry! Keep trying!!
  17. One by imperfect one The logs were tossed in The fire grew and grew Til it was hot as sin This was a raging fire where any number would do Old, young, small, big Even sapling pieces too Log after imperfect log The fire was madly stoked The smell of smoke coming down One whiff will have you choked This should be an easy one, but if not, I have one more verse to add. Happy riddling!!!
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