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  1. forgot to do the whole solved thinge. hope i remembered it right.
  2. I'm getting hungry with all this thinking..... congrats EDM! your hunger got you thinking on the right track!!! although, a couple of you came up with an answer i liked just as much which was Thanx for playing guys. sorry it took so long to respond. computer was on the fritz. dropping another one now!
  3. ok. we are now straying way too far away from the heart of the riddle itself. remember, guys, i'm just getting back into the swing of things, so the training wheels are still attached. i would suggest further attempts to be more basic. think more simply on this one. deep thoughts will just get you lost in even deeper thoughts, and that's not where this one is heading. On that note, i wish i hadn't said that, because i was really enjoying the answers i was getting......
  4. deannaart

    well, dang it! don't just blurt out the answers!! guide us a little. give us some little hints before you blow your cover! lol. let us have a little fun puzzling it out for a bit. I thought this puzzle was well worded and had a lot of potential. i will be looking for more from you!
  5. MAN, I REALLY THOUGHT MY PEN IDEA WAS GOING SOMEWHERE. IT'S THE BEST SHAKEEPUDDIN ANSWER I'VE COME UP WITH YET. BUT HORRAY TO EDM FOR HER FANTASTIC BRAIN AND ALWAYS STELLAR CONTRIBUTIONS. WAY TO GO! OOps.I just realized i've been shouting this whole time. truly not my intent. This doesn't change the sentiment, though. ~RMZ
  6. I love these guesses, guys! But sadly, none of them are what i'm looking for. Is it too early to guide you a little? You tell me.
  7. Hello, the flitter/flutter bit made me think of this Well, hello, Stranger. your guess was a very good one, but it's too early on for me to start giving out hints yet. Keep guessing!
  8. hi, chicory. nice to see you as well! and sorry, while this is a terrific answer, it is not the answer i am seeking. thanx for finally starting us off, though! keep guessing!
  9. hey there PG! glad to see you're still on here giving people glorious headaches! I've often thought of all you guys and am glad to be back. it's been a while, so i've put the training wheels back on, but i think all shall go well. anyways, big smiles to see you!!

  10. I flitter and flutter And float on by On the whim of a breeze I soar to the sky A colorful balloon Tail of ribbon upon me Let's float and see The sights we can see I see other balloons Up in the air Twirling over here Zipping over there I stick in a tree Now my new home Looking up to the sky I want to roam hi guys. some of you may remember me, some not. i've been around a long time and must say it's good to be back. ok this riddle is in my usual fashion. it is written as a metaphor. now figure out the riddle. what is the metaphor? happy riddling!!!!
  11. once again, back to riddle it up

  12. So good to see you MrsP! Great guess! This fits for the ending, but what about the rest? hmmmm... not quite what I'm looking for. Keep trying!
  13. ummm.... go a little further with this train of thought...
  14. Very good guess! I guess you could say that it fits, but that's not the whole picture here... keep trying!
  15. This one is closing in on the correct answer......Sorry I can't give you anything more than that. Sorry, not what I'm looking for. Not quite sure what you mean here...
  16. Not exactly sure here but...to get the ball rolling. Great answers! Not quite what I'm looking for, and I'm not sure how to guide you on this one.... But thanx for kicking us off, and please keep trying! Hehe. I love your first answer, PG. That kept popping into my head when I was writing this. I was wondering if someone would guess that. Again not quite it, but keep going!!!
  17. Two old friends do find Each other after years The reunion is enough to Bring the strongest to tears Just being back together Seems to transform Back into teenagers Their love, gentle and warm And of young ones Each has their own So they make a family With the love they've grown Instead of separate lives The four shall merge to one finally having the family with Father, mother, daughter, son **Sorry if I can't check on this constantly. Things are a little crazy around here lately. Please be patient with me, and I will be back soon!! Thanx, and happy riddling!!
  18. deannaart

    Happy day to you MrsP!!! Finally dropping in for a bit of action...
  19. deannaart

    Just popped in to check back on this one... Fantastic riddle Wilson! Really great job! Can't wait for more!!
  20. deannaart

    one guess before sleep...
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