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  1. Hope you've had a wonderful birthday! =)

  2. hearts Timmy Howard! Go U.S.A.!

  3. Hope you have a fabulous & Happy Birthday! =)

  4. It's margaritas or bust tonight. And I'm not kidding. I don't get my margarita, something is gonna give.

  5. It is indeed SO GOOD to have the Den back! :D

  6. Dumbest thing I read on a message board today: Soy lecithin is yet another name for MSG. The FDA lets food manufacturers name MSG pretty much whatever they want to hide the fact it's in food. --> Completely & utterly WRONG.

  7. is busy slave labor this week for baby sister's wedding.

  8. Marrying off the youngest sibling - With 4 daughters, my dad's thrilled to reach the end!

  9. Hope you have a splendiforously Happy Birthday! =)

  10. For those stopping by with birthday wishes, I thank you. =)

  11. Spending too much time playing with my new toy - got a Nook for travelling. =)

  12. Wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Hope to *see* you again soon in the Den! =)

  13. Hope your birthday was splendiferously wonderful!

  14. I heart farmer's market season!

  15. Happy birthday wishes! =)

  16. has a serious case of the Fridaze.

  17. I'm not a singer, but happy birthday wishes anyway. =)

  18. Made the super-awesome pickles for the July 4 BBQ. & the peasants rejoiced!

  19. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! (I don't know what the time difference is, but I'm pretty sure the day has technically passed there.) Blessings! =)

  20. Do hope your birthday was fabulous & that your birthday week is filled with fun, food, & family! =)

  21. Do hope you have an amazingly great birthday! =)

  22. Got no kitchen. Do have ugly a-- 1960's linoleum to get rid of. New floor & appliances arriving soon, which will sit in the garage with the rest of the new kitchen.

  23. Computer death & phone that isn't Den-friendly (silly thing won't let me see inside spoilers or reply) means I'm away for a few more days. *sigh*

  24. Do hope you have a very enjoyable birthday Slick! Cheers! =)

  25. wishes everyone a Blessed & Merry Christmas. Home for the holidays! =)

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